Nov 7, 2021 • 5M

Shift Out of Being Annoyed With Someone

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OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.
feeling annoyed

OnePerfect Shift out of being annoyed with someone.


Let's start with a small shift. 

Set an intention to shift into a more ideal state of mind over the next few minutes.

Let's do that together.

Set that intention.

Really make your mind go there and say —

‘I'm going to shift from where I am right now, to a better place over the next few minutes.’

Got it?


And a long deep breath.


Okay so you're annoyed with someone.

This is painful.

Interpersonal difficulty is painful. 

And it often has the effect of reducing our connection to what's actually important to us — most important to us. 

These associated emotions that come along with feeling annoyed with someone often produce a temporarily myopic point of view — worldview.


They disconnect you from the more deeply held beliefs you usually are in touch with. 

These moments are when you are most in need of a reminder that reinvigorates your connection to what every spiritual tradition tells you. 

Which is that life is a miracle. 

Your life is a miracle.

Your journey through life is an aspect of that miracle.

Your spiritual journey is about navigating through your miracle — this inner journey that's occurring within you is part of the miracle. 

And difficult moments along your path are opportunities offered by the miracle to step forward on your path, with integrity in this moment. 

So this moment of being annoyed with someone is an opportunity to come back into touch with what you know is most true.

So what's most true to you?

What's most important to you in life?

Let's lean into your truth, whatever you believe. 

Just take 10 seconds to think about that question. 

And just notice what comes to mind. 

What's most true and important to you? 

Be in the present moment.

100% of your attention just listening to yourself.

What's most important?

Okay, whatever you came up with, good start.

Let's keep going slowly. 

Let’s take another deep breath.

And let's release the tension in our body.

Relax your neck. 

Allow your shoulders and your arms to fall toward the ground.

Allow your hands, your arms, to relax.

How about this question —

How do you want to remember yourself when you're looking back on your journey tomorrow — or from the end of your journey?

Do you want to feel proud?


At peace?

Picture what you want to feel like right now. 

How would you feel?

Bring that into your body.

If you were most satisfied looking back on your life.

Got it?

And now, all you do is you say:

How would that feeling inside you — that answer to feeling proud of your life — how would that inform how you want to deal with your interpersonal struggle that you're going through?

So just take a few seconds. 

And see how that impacts how you feel and how you want to cope.

Now that you're more connected to what's important to you, which gives you some space from whatever your frustration that you came in with was.

Any ideas about how you might deal differently with your annoyance?

How you are going to cope so that you respect your own decision.

And do you feel any better, knowing that? 

How do you feel?

How's your state right now?

Well, stay present.

Always reconnect to what's important to you — especially if the annoyance starts to return today.


Have a great day.


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