Oct 28, 2021 • 7M

Shift Into a Different State of Mind

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OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.
Different state of mind

Hey there.

Hope you're good.

We're out on the balcony listening to waves.

Let's set an intention together to make a shift into a different state of mind.

Take a deep dive.

And honor this practice of being intentional about coming deeply into presence, at least once for the day.

Doesn't need to be — doesn’t need to take, a long, long time.

But today, we'll do it by going through OnePerfect Shift into a different state of mind.

I discovered years ago, in my own meditation practice, and then working with people to get their practice going, that a real breakthrough in your practice, and actually, in your life, comes when you're able to…

Shift intentionally between your thinking mind and your watching and listening mind. 

So your ‘thinking mind’ to your ‘listening mind.’ 

When you can do that reliably, it means that you clearly know the felt difference the difference in how it feels between those two states of consciousness. 

So let's experience this breakthrough intentionally right now.

Take a deep breath.


Settle into your space.

100% of your attention — all your focus, invite it into the present moment, into the space you're sitting.

All your senses attuned to right here and right now.

Let anything go any thoughts that you brought with you, or any thoughts about the future, just let them go for a few minutes here.

And listen inside your inner world.

See if you can notice those thoughts that are still peeking through, or popping through.

What thought is occurring in your mind if you just listen right now?

You may be processing the words I speak. 

And meanwhile, you're also thinking about something, maybe peripherally related, or even completely unrelated to these words.

Can you identify any thoughts that you're processing?

This is a good way to start coming into a ‘listening state of mind’ — noticing your ‘thinking state of mind.’

So close your eyes.

And see if you can notice ongoing thoughts produced by your thinking mind for 20 seconds or so.

And when you notice a thought, just don't get carried away by the thought.

Observe the thought.

Allow it to flow through your mind. 

And then just return to the intention of noticing your next thought.





Did you notice any thoughts?

I'm sure you did.

So now we're going to make our shift.

Set an intention to shift away from your thinking mind that you were observing, and completely into your non-thinking mind. 

Making that shift entails being committed to letting go of your thoughts for a while.

Don't worry, there'll be there when you return, they always are.

But for now, just be committed to allowing your thoughts to fade out of the foreground of your awareness, for a little while.

Let's set a clear intention to let thoughts go for 20 seconds. 

Drop below thinking into complete inner silence.

Just listening.


Close your eyes if you want.


Drop into complete silence.

Complete inner silence.


Listen to life.

Listen as life.


Did you experience just even a few seconds of pure silence, pure listening mind?

Can you feel that difference between being occupied by your thinking mind, versus becoming your watching mind, your listening mind, your silence?

That's the breakthrough you want to focus on.

Notice which state you're in, each moment. And when you can move back and forth intentionally, you've had your breakthrough.

You'll come to more clearly identify and feel that difference as you practice.

The difference between your thinking mind and your listening mind.

In my view, being able to make that intentional shift when you want to, is the most important skill you can develop.

Because from that listening mind, you can now move your attention into anything you want to just by resetting your intention.

What do you want to do next today?

Refill from a place of stillness, a place of silence, a place of listening to life, as life.

And then, set your intention — what's next for you today?

So, what is next for you today?

Set that intention to shift towards it now.

Got it?


Have an incredible day.


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