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Shift Into 2022, Part 2

Part 2 of 2 - The Personal Shift

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OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.

Prologue —

Happy New Year! Your personal Shift to start 2022 off right is ready below.

If you missed Shift Into 2022, Part 1 — our Collective Shift into 2022 — that’s a good place to start before completing Part 2 — your Personal Shift.

If you’re ready for Part 2, let’s go…

Part 2

There’s a lot in this Shift.

I packed everything in so it’s our longest Shift yet.

I suggest you set aside enough alone time to give 100% of your attention to start your new year as strategically and intentionally as possible.

I also suggest you listen to Part 2 as you read — there are moments in today’s Shift when closing your eyes and listening to life may benefit you.

Listening can help you take the time to allow your Shifts to deepen too.

Let’s go…

Hello, hello. Are you ready?

I am very excited for you about the value you’ll get from completing this Shift.

If you complete it, and commit to the intention you’ll develop during this Shift as you move forward this year, you will receive incalculable value from doing so.

That said, there’s a lot in here — if you need to complete it twice (or more) to feel like you got it right, I suggest you take the time to do so.

For now, let’s come into presence and plan to get it right the first time.


Take a long deep breath.

Relax your entire body.

Intend 100% of your attention into this moment — as always.

Full presence right now.

All our attention here.

Today we are Shifting into 2022 by strategically connecting our Monday nights to our Tuesday mornings.

I’m talking about waking up with the same pure intentional mindset on Tuesday as you do on Monday — and then stitching together those intentional mindset mornings everyday … day, after day, after day.

Mastering this one detail — I refer to it as connecting Monday nights to Tuesday mornings — is among the biggest challenges I’ve focused on over the course of my adult life.

And it’s provided the the biggest benefits — the biggest rewards.

Is it one of your biggest challenges too?

It requires consistent attention and commitment to master it.

That’s why I chose this Shift to get us ready for 2022.

If you get clear on your intention for how you expect to live, you can strategically connect your days and your emotional life together consistently.

It takes some time and focus to get clear about what you want to bring to the world — how you want to be in the world — to hone in on that ideal state of mind and body for you.

So let’s do that together now to kick-start this year off right…

Setting an intention to live in presence each moment is the ideal place to begin.

So let’s do that first.

That means, set an intention to focus 100% of your attention on whatever you’re doing — each moment, each day.

We’re going to set that intention for the year.

If you’re relaxing, you’re relaxing.

If you’re reading, you’re reading.

If you’re listening to life, you’re just listening to life.

If you’re just being, you’re just being.

If you’re working, you’re working.

If you’re loving your people, you’re loving your people — 100% attention.

Even if you’re multi-tasking, you’re multi-tasking — 100% of your attention shifting intentionally at will.

And if you’re shifting, you’re shifting.

100% of your attention here and now, focused as you choose, always.

As little of your attention is leaking out into the past, the future, into fears, as possible.

Setting this first intention will allow you to be successful with it as much as possible.

No one is perfect.

No one is 100%.

But setting the intention and holding yourself to it is going to bring you as close to 100% as is possible for you.

Living in pure presence is a beautiful place to live.

You can’t even begin to imagine what doing that will usher into our lives over the course of the year. That’s why we start with presence as the core of our intention.

What we are building today is our ‘Ideal State Intention.’

The core of it is this intention to be present consistently.

If you start there, you can then wrap anything that’s vital and personal to your life around the core.

So set an intention to live in presence to get started.

We’re not going to just talk about it and think about it.

We’re going to do.

So now truly feel that core intention being set inside your mind and body.

Can you feel it rising inside you?

Feel the core of your Ideal State Intention forming.

We’re creating a powerful Ideal State Intention today — and this is the core.

Feel the core.


Sit with it for a little while.

Be the core — your intention to live in presence.

Can you feel it embedding into your body?

Got it in you?


Next, we’re going to pose a key question.

I’ll give a little background and detail — BEFORE you settle into listening for a response to the question in your inner world.

The question that will flush out your Ideal State Intention is…

What’s most important to me in life?

You can break it down into related questions…

  • What’s most important for you to be oriented to each day?

  • What do you want to put into the world?

  • What do you want to share of yourself?

  • What do you want to look back on and know you lived out as your priority during your life?

I’ll give you some pure silence in a minute here to listen and feel for where your unique path guides you in answering the key question.

Let’s look forward first to give a bit of context to how the Ideal State Intention you define will help connect your Monday nights to your Tuesday mornings.

Just a little context to get clarity before we move forward.

We are doing this intention planning because connecting how you go to sleep to how you wake up is the key to keeping any personal intention burning bright and clear.

It’s so key that I’m going to say it again…

Connecting how you go to sleep to how you wake up is the key to keeping any personal intention burning bright and clear — year round.

That’s why we’re focused on doing that today.

You’re prepping for a masterful 2022 right now.


Let’s define and refine your Ideal State Intention.

Be mindful that any intention you set right now will evolve over time.

So today’s intention is a draft intention — an intention in the process of perfecting itself.

And as you follow it each day, it will take on more nuance and more feel.

Following it will guide you over time.

So today’s intention is not a final draft — it’s today’s draft.

In fact, it’ll never be a final final draft.

It will always be a ‘final for right now’ draft.

It’s an intention that feels right for right now — and it naturally amends over time as you embody it regularly.

Over time, it will come to feel perfect for you in every now because it evolves.

Make sense?


Let’s keep going.

In a minute, you are going to ask yourself…

What’s most important to me?

Start to let the question sink in a little bit.

Defining that intention clearly and connecting to it deeply each night and each morning will sync you with your ideal state consistently.

Here’s why that is so important…

When you connect to your Ideal State Intention at the end of each day, and you also commit to connecting to it at the beginning of each day, it becomes a whole lot easier to reconnect to it during the day.

So not only will you start your days off right, you’ll also have better access to your ideal state of mind and body — to what’s most important to you — at those moments when you need to reconnect the most — those moments when you drop out of your connection during the day.

That's the holy grail of living your evolving purpose — being your purpose — following your unique life journey.

To recap one more time, before we move forward to answer the question…

Our core intention is to live in presence.  

And now, you’re going to answer a question to define a personal intention to wrap around your core intention — which will create your Ideal State Intention.

You’ll use Ideal State Intention to sync with your ideal state each night and each morning — and any other time you need to access it.


One thing at a time…

Take a deep breath.

Let’s prep.

Allow your body to relax fully.

All our attention right here and now.

Close your eyes if you want.

And pose this question in your inner world —

‘What’s most important to me?’

Let it resonate…

What’s most important to me?

And just listen for life’s response.

Trust life.

Listen as life plays the soundtrack of your most important personal intention.

It’s in there.

You’ll hear it if you listen, and trust.

Don’t look for perfection.

Just keep listening.

What’s life whispering to you?

Keep listening.

What’s most important to you?

Do you hear a nugget of an intention?

Maybe you’re flushing out something you were already aware of.

Or, maybe something new is coming into focus?

Remember, whatever you hear WILL evolve for future nows.

Your focus right now is on hearing a kernel of truth that speaks to you in this moment — for this moment.


Got something?

Listen a bit more to allow it to refine.

See if you can hear your intention being expressed in a single sentence now — or perhaps see it as a single image or idea.

Just listen and watch.

It should speak to you deeply.

It needs to be very personal to you.

Got it?


Now write your draft intention down — or type it into your phone — or record for yourself.

Whatever works best for you.

But definitely get it down.

We want to concretize it.

Here’s a format you can use:

Your Ideal State Intention should begin with your core intention — to live in presence.

It should also include your personal intention sentence or image.

And all of it should have special meaning to you when you read it or hear it or think of it.

Here’s an example Ideal State Intention spoken and written in one sentence —

I live in presence as the father of my family.

That sentence, for the person who it’s right for, is going to have deep meaning.

Very special meaning.

It’s powerful.

It’s short.

I live in presence as the father of my family.

Waking up to that would purely inspire the person who its right for.

So what’s right for you?

Try to get your Ideal State Intention nice and tight and short.

It’s a draft, but concretize it for now.

Got it down?

Nice, good job.

Okay, let’s take a test drive of dropping into your Ideal State Intention right now.

Take another long deep breath — maybe two in a row.

Relax completely as you exhale.

Making sure 100% of your attention is in this moment — focused on this task.

Now, as you read your Ideal State Intention back to yourself be very intentional about feeling your mind and body shifting into your ideal state.

Notice it.

You’re connecting to what’s most important so you should be able to feel a shift.

Try that now — read it and feel it.

Can you feel it?

Don’t expect or look for anything momentous to happen. Momentous happens over time because of clear intention and the consistent embodiment of your Ideal State Intention.

Right now, allow yourself 10 seconds to connect to your Ideal State Intention even more fully.


Speak your intention to yourself quietly or out loud — and feel.


Feel it being absorbed by every cell of your body.

Allow it to settle into you.

It is you.

Allow it to become you.

Know that it is you.

Feel it.

Feel the buzzing life of you.

Full presence.

Full attention.

Fully immersed.


Good job.

Nice dress rehearsal.


Let’s finish up by defining and committing to a daily plan, starting with tonight.


Right AFTER you close your eyes to go to sleep, you’ll silently repeat your Ideal State Intention to yourself as you fade off to sleep — to connect to it.

Read your intention to yourself, or play a recording of it back to yourself if that helps you shift into it.



At the moment you wake up, BEFORE you open your eyes, you’ll notice your first thought of the day.

You want to notice whether or not your first thought is your Ideal State Intention. If it’s not, immediately reintroduce your Ideal State Intention — take 10 to 20 seconds to sync yourself with it.

Sync your attention with it — feel yourself shift before you open your eyes.

Why are you going to do this?

Because once you know your Ideal State Intention, and you also notice your first thought of the day, you're able to use your intention to connect to your ideal state of mind immediately upon waking — which is the best way to start the day.

It take some discipline but it doesn’t take a lot of time.

Just takes a little bit of focus and energy.

Again, you definitely want to shift BEFORE you open your eyes, BEFORE you say good morning, BEFORE you look at your phone — BEFORE you do anything.

That’s the key to connecting your Monday nights to your Tuesday mornings.

That, and doing it consistently every day.

That’s how you’ll shift into your intended state for the day first thing every day.

This will work for you — if you do it.

Let’s finish up by spending 20 seconds reinforcing the second half of our intention now…

Speak these words aloud or silently to yourself —

‘I intend to listen for my first thought of the day upon waking — and then to shift immediately and deeply into my core personal intention each day — my Ideal State Intention’

Say that silently to yourself now.

You can even speak it aloud if you really want to get into it.

‘I intend to listen for my first thought of the day upon waking — and then to shift immediately and deeply into my Ideal State Intention for the day.’

Make it personal.

Got it?

Is your intention set?

Do you feel that intention being clearly set in your inner world?

We’re almost done so take your time.

You want your intention to stick with you overnight and greet you in the morning.

Feel it?

Got it?

Alright, perfect.


Great job.

Let’s make 2022 our best year yet.

In fact, let’s finish up with that.

I’m going to personally set that intention with you right now.

Join me.

Say it with me…

2022 will be my best year yet.

2022 will be my best year yet.

2022 will be my best year yet.

Believe it.


Let’s do this.

By the way, we received incredible engagement from Part 1.

I’ll incorporate that feedback into an upcoming Shift.

Keep an eye out for that.

We’re rolling into 2022 with purpose together.

Have a great day, night, and all your tomorrow mornings too.

I’ll talk to you soon.


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P.S. — You can easily and privately record the Ideal State Intention you developed today using the OnePerfect app. Just open your private audio journal inside the app to record and save.

The app makes it easy to play your intention back to yourself and refine it anytime.

I use that feature regularly. It works nicely because hearing your intentions spoken back to you with conviction is powerful — especially when spoken in your own voice.

That’s an easy way to keep what’s most important to you organized and accessible.

Pro tip —

You can blend your Ideal State Intention into your future Shifts using the OnePerfect app anytime. That’s the best way to keep your Shifts personal and your intentions fresh.

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