Feb 10 • 6M

Shift Into This Weekend

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OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.


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In today’s Shift that follows, we’ll set an intention to come into presence each morning for three days in a row — to support a key weekend habit.


Let’s take a long deep breath.

And out.

We do a live Weekend Recharge event every so often, beginning with this…

“Monday morning will be the third morning in a row that I begin my day fully connected to the present moment.”

You’ll set that intention during your Shift today.

“Monday morning will be the third morning in a row that I begin my day fully connected to the present moment.”

We commit to that intention during a brief Zoom talk I give on a Friday evening.

Then, for Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning everyone has this specific intention AND put a plan in place to come into presence at the beginning of each day.

We provide plenty of options for shifting into your present state of mind, of course.

You plan it ahead and practice for three mornings in a row.

By Monday morning you're feeling ready for your week.

And you've also created the beginning of a habit.

If you want to ever change something in your life, setting an intention for three days in a row — something very achievable, but also incredibly meaningful — is powerful.

Let's come into presence together now.

Take another long deep breath.

All your attention focused right here with me.

And let's just listen together — and notice how your body feels as you listen to the world.

Do you feel your body relax into the world, relax as one with the world, as you just listen to life going by?

Listen to yourself as part of life going by.


I cordially invite you to join us for a Weekend Recharge event sometime.

We’ll make the announcement when we're going to do a Weekend Recharge event in various ways.

Until then, set the intention yourself for coming into this weekend to make sure you make the most of the weekend — to optimally recharge for your week.

Often times that means taking a break from your primary life work for a little while so that you recharge.

Or, you can focus on a different aspect of your life work.

Your life’s work is best accomplished in presence, right?

So maybe shift your focus to a more creative aspect, or more exercise — however your life fits together best.

Commit to coming into presence at the beginning of the day for three days in a row to see how that feels for you.

Do that now, whatever day it is for you…

And now let’s use the next couple minutes to be very intentional about fully recognizing ourselves as aspects of life.

There are many ways that you can recognize the miracle that you are — and that you are also aspect of.

  • You are hurlting through space and time at millions of miles per hour and you don't even perceive it, (1.3 million mph or 2.8 million mph, depending who you ask).

  • Your body is trillions of cells that function completely outside your control to enable you to be an experiencing entity in this miracle.

  • And you can choose how you perceive what you perceive to produce your experience of life.

For me, those ways of thinking about the miracle of life work well.

Take a minute to connect with your version of how you fit into the miracle of life — and notice how you’re an aspect of the miracle of life for the next minute.

Just listen and connect to your deepest truth to come into the present moment.

Then carry that intention of staying present through the day.

I'll remind you of that part again at the end.

Okay, ready to feel your miracle and come fully into presence?


Bring that miracle into your body — into your awareness.

Great job.

Now keep that intention to stay present to your awareness of yourself as an aspect of life's miracle for the rest of your day.

Be present to every moment that you're in, every context that you're in.

Be present for yourself.

Be present for your people.

Be present for your work.

Be present for your weekend.

Let’s reset our intention to be fully present for three mornings in a row this weekend now.

Intention set?

Enjoy your life!

All right, have a good one


P.S. — “Live events” was one of the suggestions we received in response to Shift Into 2022. So we’ll do more of that this year.

In an upcoming Shift, I’ll include an invite to a Weekend Recharge event — as well as a summary of the other community feedback from Shift Into 2022.

P.P.S. — Here’s a note that was anonymously shared with me by a shifter this week…

Have you ever found the world of tiny time pass by while you surfed the other side? Surf and try! Surf and try!!!

Love it! Email me your thoughts anytime.

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