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OnePerfect Shift is an audio letter from a psychologist that shifts you into a better state of mind anytime. Each post gives you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind and reminds you how much control you can have over your life experience.

Hello, hello. I'm so glad you stopped by.

Come listen to the sounds of the beach in the background and shift your state of mind with me anytime.

To prepare to make a shift anytime, set a conscious intention to shift into your ideal state over the coming few minutes. Then, select a OnePerfect Shift post in one of two ways.

  1. You can scroll through the post titles until one catches your eye.

  2. You can choose a post title that corresponds to how you're feeling right now.

And then just read the post to shift towards your ideal mind state. 

And if listening to my voice helps you shift, then play the audio along as you read.

Or, you can just close your eyes, and listen for a few minutes to make your shift. 

Whatever works for you.

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This Welcome Shift starts you off with a key personal question.

And answering this one question will help you see why strategically shifting your state of mind is the most valuable skill any of us can develop.

And why it's worth learning to do this as well as you can.

And I’ll also touch on some core psychology concepts and some other ways you can shift your mind when you need to, as we continue through this first post. 


All right. 


I’m a psychologist who loves to strategically apply psychology to produce results like reducing anxiety and sadness, and increasing peace and wisdom.

I've been applying psychology to my own life, and with my therapy patients, at least since I was asked a personal question by Dr. Jon Kabat Zinn, over 20 years ago. 

The question was, what do you fear most?

I'll share my own answer with you at the end today.

But what's more important than any one person's answer is the psychological journey that the question points to.

The ‘inner journey’ that we each must make in order to cope with our fears and our challenges, and to triumph through the inevitable trials of our lives.

We have so much beauty and potential inside us.

Meanwhile, so many of us are struggling.

We’re going through fears — financial fears, health fears, fears about not being lovable, or not being good enough.

Some of us have real fears about not having enough food, or other essentials — or living in constant physical or emotional danger.

Some fears are real.

Some fears are not.

All fears are related to future — to future uncertainty.

So they pull you out of the present moment.

The good news is that coming into the present moment, i.e., coming into a present state of mind, melts fear.

So, we’ll practice coming into presence together to shift our state of mind and body out of fear strategically.

Let's take a step towards fearlessness by pulling in a long, deep breath.

And relaxing for a moment.

Breathe deeply again.


Now focus 100% of your attention on identifying what you fear most.

I'm not referring to physical dangers that you might reasonably fear. 

I'm asking, what psychological fear is limiting you most?

Your answer might relate to a fear of being unworthy, or unlovable, or some imagined failure, or embarrassment, some fear of the future.

Just close your eyes and breathe deeply for 10 seconds. 


Get yourself present before you ask the question.


What's your greatest fear?

And when you get it, writing your answer down privately is going to help you get more clarity.

Doesn't need to be perfect. 

And you can always edit it later. 

Just take your time. 

I'll give you a few more seconds.

Got it?

Good work — if you've written your answer down.

Your biggest fear typically influences many of your choices because of how much it influences your inner conversation — that's this ongoing conversation you're having with yourself 24/7. 

We're all having this with ourselves.

Regardless of your age, or your agelessness, or your race, or your non-race, or your gender, or your non-gender, you progress through your emotional life just like I do.

We all engage in a silent inner conversation that drives our emotions and our behaviors.

It drives how we experience our lives.

So when you listen inwardly — to start facing your biggest fear, for example — there will come a time when your fear of those outcomes that you're projecting will subside.

And that's when people tend to move more freely into action. And life begins to shift toward peace, and curiosity, and gratitude, and abundance, and eventually, to freedom. 

Freedom from fear.

Strategically listening to your inner conversation is the key to progressing along your life journey with the least amount of resistance.

Life is emotionally challenging for all of us.

Listening to your inner conversation strategically and consistently is hard to do. 

Especially when stress accumulates, it can feel impossible to listen and shift into a more ideal frame of mind — especially if you don't have any guidance.

That is why I share Shifts — so we can practice shifting our state whenever we want to, or need to.

OnePerfect Shifts flow from exactly the same intention as the hyper-personalized OnePerfect app (iOS | Android | Teams) — to provide better tools to support coping with life, and thriving, for all of us.

Shifting works because strategically listening to yourself over time, and shifting your state intentionally, rewires neural pathways and increases your emotional intelligence.

So by shifting strategically, you can play a huge role in how your life develops, and how connected to life and to others you feel.

Let's be clear.

Shifting your mind is not always easy, obviously. 

From Harvard Business Review

“It's impossible to always block difficult thoughts and emotions. Effective leaders (and by that they mean anyone, all people) are mindful of their inner experiences but not caught in them. They know how to free up their internal resources and commit to actions that align with their values.”  

— Harvard Business Review, Emotional Agility, Susan Daid and Christina Confleton. (The parenthetical is mine.)

What most people find is that as you practice listening to yourself strategically for a while, you become increasingly clear about what your most important fears and truths are. 

And you'll evaluate both of those two aspects on the spectrum of how you experience life with a sharpened eye. 

As you improve your abilities, fears and anxieties that have been living inside your mind and body will begin to diminish. 

And so your ability to grow through emotional suffering — that arises for all of us — can develop into what feels like a superpower, if you get great at paying attention to your inner life strategically.

So that's what we do here. 

That's what we do in the app too. 

The intention of everything that we do is…

Pay attention to your inner life strategically — listen — so you can shift your state of mind when you choose. 

And if you're listening experience is like mine — your inner journey listening  — you'll begin feeling more connected to a silent peace that's ever-bubbling through your body and into your life. 

And you'll know with assurance how to reconnect to that truth and peace and purpose — that feeling of presence — whenever you notice your connection is waning.

Let's do this together.

If you’re just getting started, a good next step is The Shift Starter Program.


P.S. My greatest fear was the fear of not living up to my potential. That was what I wrote down when asked the question. 

Hopefully you’ve identified your greatest fear today too and wrote it down. 

It's not too late to do that right now, by the way. 

That’s how you start facing it.

It’s how you begin to overcome it.


Let's practice together

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More about the OnePerfect Shift app

With the support of the Regents of University of California, we built a hyper-personalized consumer and enterprise mobile app platform (iOS | Android) for strategically shifting how you feel anytime.

Using the app, over 95% of people who've been surveyed reported that they were able to shift toward or into their ideal state of mind — typically in 5-10 minutes.

The OnePerfect Shift app is like an on-demand therapist one tap away anytime you want to shift into a better mind state.

You can start your day off right, make a shift on your coffee break, get yourself motivated to perform your best, shift out of stress, or sadness, or loneliness, or even fall asleep with OnePerfect Shift.

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