Shift Therapy®

Let's build a new way.

Hello friend!

In conjunction with the crowd launch of Shift Therapy®, we’re giving our subscribers a first look and the opportunity to invest in OnePerfect.

We’re doing this because we believe that a perfect Shift offered at the right moment can change the trajectory of a person’s entire life.

We truly believe that.

The way we see it, making therapist guided Shifts available on-demand via smartphones has the potential to make a bigger impact on how people live and feel than anything we’ve seen in history.

One Shift at a time, we have a chance to impact how connected and free people feel in their lives.

There’s no way to overstate the value we can offer the world through sharing Shifts with each other.

So let’s do it.

If you share our belief that Shifts have the power to change lives, and you want to be a part of what we are building, we’d love to have you join us in building Shift Therapy® by investing in OnePerfect.

We’re accepting investments from $101 up right now.

Let’s take a long, deep breath together.

Thank you for being part of the OnePerfect Shift community.

Have a great day!

Staying present,


P.S. You can learn more about some benefits of crowdfunding right here.

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Dr. Sean Sullivan