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Welcome, friend.

It’s great to connect and share Shifts with you!

OnePerfect Shift is easy to introduce because we only focus on one thing:

Shifting into a better state of mind anytime with Shifts.

Shifts are 5 to 10-minute digital experiences that guide you into a better state of mind anytime.

In each Shift, we’ll take a rejuvenating dive into presence to explore and shift our minds together.

We shift into motivation, out of stress, into sleep, into confidence, out of being annoyed with someone — the variety of ways that you can shift your state is endless.

Shifting is a phenomenal skill that you improve at in a very enjoyable way.

Improving your ability to shift your state of mind results from repeatedly experiencing yourself shifting your mind when you choose to.

That’s why a new Shift arrives in subscriber’s email inboxes each Thursday and some Sundays.

Subscribe now to receive your Welcome Shift and a new Shift every week.

You’re always welcome here to shift with me.


Shifting works very well for most people.

In two years of pilots conducted at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) over 95% of surveyed OnePerfect app users were able to shift into a better state of mind.

UCSC’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) now offers OnePerfect to UCSC’s 20,000+ member community for free.

What’s a Shift?

Shifts are short digital experiences that guide you into a better state of mind anytime.

With the aid of a psychologist, Shifts teach you how to navigate into a better mind state efficiently.

“Shifts develop your ability to change your state of mind on demand.”
— Dr. Sean Sullivan

About Your Shift Guide

Dr. Sean Sullivan is a licensed clinical psychologist.

As a therapist for over 20 years, Sean fell in love with shifting while working with patients through life’s challenges and triumphs.

Sean was educated at Harvard University and interned at the Center for Mindfulness and Science at University of Massachusetts Medical School.

He completed a psychology residency at University of Texas Health Sciences Center and postdoctoral research based at University of California, San Francisco (UCSF).

Now Sean shifts first thing every day, creates new Shifts, and teaches ‘Shifting’ — strategically regulating your physical and emotional state.

Shift Anytime.

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Get More Support

Dr. Sean Sullivan is a clinical psychologist. He is not able to provide personal feedback, or psychology, or mental health advice through OnePerfect Shift.

If your employer subscribes to OnePerfect for you, you’ll find links to support that your employer provides on your OnePerfect app profile screen.

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Wanna Talk About It is another good place to begin connecting with support.

If you think you may need psychological help, please reach out for support.

Dr. Sean Sullivan