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The Future Is Shifting

Let’s take a long, deep breath.

Allow your shoulders to relax.

Allow your arms to fall toward the ground.

Settle in for a while.

Set an intention to be present only for the next few minutes.

Can you feel your intention being set?

Feel your intention to be 100% present arising inside you.

Feel the buzz of your body now.

The buzzing you feel is the consequence of the activity of the 30 trillion cells of you.

Feel it?

30 trillion cells buzzing in sync — and you don’t have to do a thing.

Just feel and be.

Settle into feeling your body buzz.

Allow all thoughts to fade away.

Let them go for a while.

Close your eyes and be now for 30 seconds more.

Do you feel a shift to your state of mind and body?

I feel the shift.

I feel present.

I feel the gratitude that flows from being part of a community.

Feel the gratitude.

Shift your mind and body with us anytime.


Our community is growing and the future is beautiful.

You’re always welcome here.

Let’s set an intention together to be present for the rest of today.


Have a great one.

Stay present,



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Dr. Sean Sullivan