Shift Into Fearlessness

Shift Into Fearlessness

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Hello, again!

Let's take a long deep breath…and exhale.

As your body releases tension, settle into comfort — knowing that we have good days sometimes and bad days other times, and great days when we feel connected to purpose.

Life feels meaningful and connected because it is — when you discover yourself within the universal story.

Paulo Coelho tells us, “To realize one's destiny is a person's only obligation”.

You can live the life you're here to live, knowing that inevitable stress will arise and difficult days will come — if you also know that you can always relax and reconnect to yourself in the midst of living out your destiny, without resistance, by just listening.

Allow your shoulders to fall toward the ground and your neck to relax.

Relax your arms.

Listen with 100% of you attention.

Notice your body shift toward peace.


Is there anything that's not objectively scary but still kind of terrifies you?

Maybe it's saying ‘no’ to someone who's pressuring you.

Maybe it’s making a speech in public. That's it for a lot of people.

Maybe it’s allowing yourself to be vulnerable.

Just putting yourself out there can be terrifying for some people, even if it's not objectively scary.

How about honestly speaking your truth to some particular person in your life?

Maybe for you it’s just sitting quietly alone in this moment.

If there is something in particular for you, and you'd like to be fearless through it, whatever ‘it’ is, the fear needs to be confronted.

Just thinking that you'll face it differently next time, is the best way to ensure you'll repeat that same emotional cycle again later.

If you ever want to move through it, now is the time to plan for the next time your fear arises.

Take another long, deep breath.


Come fully into the space you're sitting even more intentionally now.

Whenever anxiety arises, even a little bit, always return to this moment by bringing your full attention to listening, here and now.


Now, ask yourself: What fear do you need to confront so that the next time you’re faced with it you’ll have confidence that you can face it head on?

What is that next fear for you to overcome?

The patterns of our arising fears repeat over and over again.

So, you have to actively make the decision about whether you want to confront it.

You'll have to face it consistently.

When you decide to make a different choice like we're going to do today, you'll begin to have a different outcome.

It can be scary.

But, it's a choice.

Take another deep breath.

A great way to motivate yourself to address an old fear in a new way is to ask yourself, what's the most important thing that will happen when you confront the fear successfully?

One answer I can assure you of is that you'll have a different physiological body afterwards.

Your body's reaction will change when you face the fear because you will have given your body and your brain a new experience, which means they're required to produce a different future for you.

You’ll have walked into what you saw as a fire in your body, and you will have come through it.

So, your body will know that the fire is not what you thought it was and a new body state will begin to arise to respond differently next time the fear begins to arise.

That's growth.

Take another deep breath with me.

Now, bravely invite into your mind and body the next fear that you feel you need to confront.

What is it?

Have you identified it?

When you’ve got it, make a sincere commitment not to turn away the next time it arises.

Fully commit to confronting it.

Invite it to arise a little bit more right now — so you can connect to the feared feeling state a little bit.

As you sense the stress arising, make a sincere commitment to facing that feeling the next time it arises in your life uninvited.

Have you committed to facing it?


Here's how you can amplify your commitment.

Answer this question: What will happen for you when you confront the fear — when you stand up to this false demon?

I want you to recognize the benefits of standing up to this fear.

How will your life change for the better?

Can you see or feel what life might be like when you don’t have this fear hanging over your head?

Your answer to that question is your motivation to face your fear.

Got it?


I'll leave this with you…

If you make a practice of stepping toward fear each time it arises, instead of turning away from it, you'll get better and better at facing it — until you've mastered a new part of your life.

Then, you'll feel ready to take on the next challenge your life offers.

You will have seen that conquering fear feels amazing.

That opens up your path to moving forward in your life fearlessly.

So commit to stepping toward fear to let it go.

You can do this!

Good luck.

Good job listening for and hearing a fear provoking story you're telling yourself — and experiencing aspects of the story that is creating your life of tomorrow.

Some days will have a greater sense of fearlessness pervading the background of your awareness, and a greater sense of being meaningful.

Getting to that place of fearlessness is different for everyone.

For each of us though, it's essential to learn how to face fear in order learn how let it go.

Facing fear is how you discover what works to shift yourself into a state of mind and body that is connected to your purpose.

Face whatever you're resisting in any moment.

Then, take a long deep breath and let it go.

Have a great day.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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