Shift Your Buzz

Shift Your Buzz

Here's a great quick Shift when you need one

Every cell of our bodies is born of energy and filled with energy.

Our cells interact with each other to produce our experience of life.

We're energetic beings.

We can connect with the awareness of ourselves as energy beings by making what I call the Epic Shift

So let's do it now.

First, say to yourself “I'm making a journey into my inner world to connect to silence” — the energy of life that flows through you.

Now, feel the silence — feel that energy flowing through you by allowing 100% of your attention to focus into your body.

Just feel your body with 100% of your attention.

Notice the tingling sensations percolating on your skin

Allow any thoughts that arise as you focus your attention in your body to melt right back into the energy of silence flowing through you.

Only feeling.

No thinking.

If you get distracted anytime, don't judge yourself.

Just bring your attention back to noticing the energy that is your buzzing body.

Let’s sit together in silence.

Just feel the buzz of your body.

Feel the aliveness of your body

Okay, perfect.

Now, direct your attention away from that silent buzzing of your body — and toward listening outside your body.

Listen to the outer world.

Listen to any sounds that arise that you may usually not notice.

Allow your hovering attention to listen to life.

Be open and receptive to the world.

And again, if you get distracted during this task, same thing — don't judge yourself.

Know that you can bring your attention back to the task you're focused on — listening with 100% of your attention.

Listening strengthens your attention.

It moves you more consistently toward living in presence with full attention.

Let's listen together.


Now see if you can feel the tingling in your body as you listen to the outer world buzzing too.

Can you feel your body as part of the buzzing silence of life?

Feel it.


Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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