Shift Into Now

Shift Into Now

Let's take a few minutes of pure, unadulterated, me-disappearing-into-now time.

Take a deep breath.

Resettle into your space.

Remind yourself to be comfortable.

Allow your body to relax.

Maybe stretch your neck a little bit.

Move your head from side to side.

Allow your shoulders and your arms to fall toward the ground.

Let go of everything — except your awareness of sensations.


Relax into this moment.

Notice your body's tingling.

Notice where your body touches against whatever you're sitting on or lying on.

Allow your head to fall back a bit into perfect comfort.

Melt into your space.

Melt into the seat — or the mattress, if you're lying down.

I think of it as melting into the cushion.

Enjoy right now.

Enjoy this eternal moment feeding you, rejuvenating you.

Just be relaxed for a while


Love life.

Let life be.


Stay present,


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