Welcome to OnePerfect Shift, an audio letter from a psychologist.

Each post will teach you how to shift yourself into a better state of mind, anytime.

Shifting will give you a fresh look at your relationship to your mind.

It opens your eyes to how much control you can have over your life experience.

Shifting works very well for most people.

In two years of pilots conducted at University of California, Santa Cruz (UCSC) over 95% of surveyed OnePerfect app users were able to shift into a better state of mind.

UCSC’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) now offers OnePerfect to UCSC’s 20,000+ member community for free.

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Hello, I’m glad you stopped by!

I’m Sean Sullivan, the above-mentioned ‘Shift’ psychologist.

In each Shift, we’ll take a rejuvenating dive into presence as we explore and shift our minds together. With consistent practice, you’ll improve your ability to strategically shift your state of mind whenever you choose to.

You’re always welcome here to shift with me.


"Dr. Sullivan's digital tools are like having a psychologist who is your close friend with you every day. It's so helpful and it works."

— Marta Wegorzewska, Ph.D., Scientific Editor, Washington University

“Dr. Sullivan is a game changing voice in the psychology of peak performance."

Mark Sanchez, NFL Quarterback, 2009-2018

"Within a few years this will be a norm in organizations. There is a massive need for this."

— Paul Marcille, PhD., California Psychological Association President, 2020

Ready to start shifting your mind?