A Shift Out Of Being Annoyed

A Shift Out Of Being Annoyed

Let's take a long, deep breath.

I woke up in a bad mood recently.

It happens from time to time.

It was difficult to figure out why it happened the other day.

It could have been my sugar was way too low, or maybe something was bothering me that I wasn’t able to identify.

Usually I have a good sense for what it is that is bothering me.

This last time though, I wasn’t sure.

I just had that feeling inside.



For some people, that happens every day they wake up!

For some people, it happens rarely.

For me, it happens fairly rarely now, thankfully.

But when it happens, you know it.

So does anyone around you!

On those mornings, especially, I remind myself that I’m just a Shift away from feeling at peace — anytime.

When I'm annoyed, I usually choose a slightly longer Shift to get back to good.

Hopefully, I get all the way back to ‘great’ in a few minutes.

At the worst, you know you can always shift your state enough to get on with enjoying the day — and that’s saying a lot.

To me, that’s the ultimate practical value of mastering shifting your state of mind on demand.

As you learn in the Starter Program, everyone develops their own shifting style and preferences.

For me, the key to getting started with a Shift is to recognize myself as deeply connected to life.

We are each an aspect of life right now — at this unique moment.

We are not separate.

We’re not here to fight life.

We’re not here to fight the day — to struggle — as my recent morning felt like.

Here’s the Shift I used to get back to good that day…

Take a long, deep breath.

Become aware that in a few minutes you’ll be feeling better than you feel right now.

Notice how it feels in the moment that you become aware of the virtual certainty of your shift into a better state of mind coming to pass in a few minutes.

For me, it feels like something to look forward to is around the corner.

Maybe it’ll be a deep feeling of peace that will arise within you.

Or, maybe you’ll encounter a deep insight that will change the course of your day — or your life — as you shift through feeling annoyed.

I suggest you close your eyes for this Shift — especially if you typically read Shifts, try listening today to experiment with how that works for you.

Relax and sink into your space, wherever you are — either sitting or lying down.

Allow your entire body to relax.

Relax all your muscles.

Relax from your shoulders and neck on down.

Sink deeper into your seat.

As you let go of all that tension, let go of all the thoughts flowing in your head too.

Let go of any thoughts about what you are annoyed by.

Let go of any thoughts that you aren't even recognizing are there, but that may be contributing to your negative-tinged state of mind and body.

Breathe in and just release them all.

Allow any thoughts that enter your mind for the next few minutes to flow through.

Observe them.

Notice them.

Now, let them go.

For the next few minutes, you are presence.

You are life.

Recognize every journey through life as an impossible, beautiful and glorious experience.

Within your journey, you can choose to release stress anytime.

It’s not always easy.

A good Shift doesn’t even always stick for too long.

Regardless, shifting develops your mental fitness each and every time you do it.

Set your intention to come further into the present moment now.

Keep all of your attention in the present moment.

All of your feeling attention is right here.

Listen to life with 100% of your attention.

Feeling life, without interruption now.

Your mind is clearing.

You’re filling with silence.

Embed yourself fully in presence now.

Your mind and body are connecting to the rest of life.

Feel life buzzing against your skin.

Feel the air on your hands.

Feel your head tingling.

Feel your whole body tingling with life.

Feel and listen for 20 seconds.

Focus 100% of your attention on listening to life for 20 seconds.

Feel life.


Take note of how you feel.

Notice the difference of the feeling inside your brain and body right now.

You've given yourself a shift into the present moment — into a deepened connection with life.

Relax for another 20 seconds.

Just being life.

Feel embedded in life.

Know yourself as an aspect of life.

30 trillion buzzing cells.



Being you.


When you’re ready, emerge from your deep silence, but keep all your attention in the present moment — remain present.

Be present as you consider the next step of your day.

Allow thoughts or images of whatever is next in your day to arise within you.

Focus intentionally on whatever is next for you today.

Is there a ‘doing’ that's next for you today?

Is there something that you plan to engage with?

Or, are you going to just stay in presence for a while?

Whatever it is, set the intention to engage with it fully.

Remain fully present as you transition out of your strategic shift and back to your outer life.

We're going to stay connected to the presence that has subsumed our minds and bodies — for the rest of today.

Stillness is the background of your day.

Bring that intention to your next task.

Your intention is to remain present with life during your next task.

Bring full attention to it.

What’s next for you?

Whether it's getting up and making breakfast, or getting to your computer and working on something, or going for a workout, or being with your family, or checking that next step off your list that needs to get done today — clearly see your life’s next step in your mind's eye right now.

See yourself engaging with your next step now — bringing your full presence to it.

Purpose flows through presence.

Purpose flows from presence.

See your next step with increasing clarity now.

Feel it.

Attach to it.

Become it.


Open your eyes when you're feeling peaceful and ready.

Have a great one.

Stay present,


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