Friday Shift

Friday Shift

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Hello, Hello. How are you?

Let's take our first of several long, deep breaths together.

Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Take another long, deep breath and relax your shoulders.

Now, focus 100% of your attention on listening to life.

Listen for sounds you otherwise wouldn’t hear.

Can you notice a little mini-shift when you put 100% of your attention into listening?

Feel for that shift.

Feel life buzzing on your skin now.


Let's set an intention to dive deep into presence as we listen to life together and breathe deeply for another minute.

Feel yourself shifting more into presence as you breathe and listen to life with your complete attention.

Feel it.

You can always feel a shift when you take the time to intentionally make a Shift.

One of the things that helps me reconnect with that fact is remembering that we each inhabit different mental states throughout our days.

You can't always be in a peak state.

But, you can be aware as you shift through mind states throughout a given day that dropping further into presence is always to your emotional, physical, and health benefit.

Everything about being in presence is aligned with health.

If you spend a lot of time in presence, you know that being present feels like a healthy place.

Presence is a place from which you tend to make healthy feeling decisions too.

Presence is always a positive amplifier of your current state.

It might be that you're getting hyped up in order to generate enough energy to do something important — so you bring presence into that intention.

Or, you might want to come into quiet or silence to chill by yourself — to enjoy your body, your life, your environment, and the sounds that surround you.

Either way, presence is your amplifier.

Let’s come further into presence.

Listen to life with 100% of your attention for 20 seconds.


Let’s shift deeper into a beautiful, peaceful Friday state of presence to shift into weekend mode now.

Take another long, deep breath.

Allow your arms to relax even more.

Allow yours shoulders to fall to the ground again.

Had your shoulders tensed up since the last time you intentionally relaxed them?


Remind yourself that you can always enhance your state by being exceptionally present.

grayscale photo of bare trees on rocky ground
Photo by he zhu on Unsplash

Take your time.

Enjoy your now.

Feel yourself shifting deeper into presence.

Set the intention to be present and have fun now — and for the weekend.

Let’s take one last deep breath together for now.

Sink deep into now.

Feel it.


Have a great rest of your day.

Talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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