Life Shift

Life Shift

Try this one next time you take a walk
person walking surrounded by trees


Let's take a walk.

Start with a long, deep breath.

How are you?

Let's relax our shoulders.

Allow our arms to be loose, and fall toward the ground.

I'm out here in the fields of a farm nearby where I live.

It's beautiful.

Clouds rolling over.

A perfect time to deepen our connection to presence.

Let's relax into it by listening to life for 20 seconds together.

Notice how you shift.

Set that intention to shift more into this moment by listening to life and noticing.


Some of the best 20 seconds of the day right there, right?

I’ve been getting asked a lot of questions as an interview and podcast guest.

I love talking to people about what we do here — shifting and our Shift Therapy® future.

On some level, all of the questions I hear boil down to one place.

This is a place I think of as a window through which any of us can look.

When you're looking through this window, so much of life is visible to you.

Looking through this window allows you to see, hear, feel and experience so much more of the life that is pouring through each of us each moment.

You can look through that window by connecting to the concept that you, and I, and life, are miraculous.

You are 30 trillion buzzing cells!

You are more than language, or conceptualization, could ever capture in thought.

Listening to that genius of life of you opens you up to life.

Whenever you connect with that genius for yourself, or you speak it in your own language — with your own words — your life opens further.

BTW, that's why in the OnePerfect Shift App you have the ability to record and save your own Shifts in your private library.

Your can record your own Shifts, or save whatever you might be working on.

You can also blend your recorded words into Shifts that you’ll complete down the road.

By doing that, you'll always be reminding yourself of what's most important to you.

Try that feature out on iPhone or Android in a free trial anytime.

Let's take one more deep breath.

Connect to life being beautiful.

Life is miraculous.

You are life buzzing.



That wasn't a bad walk, was it?

Let's now set the intention to stay fully relaxed, fully present, for the rest of the day.

Or, maybe you want to drop into a deep state of flow for the rest of your day?

Whatever’s up next for you, set the intention to be present with it now.

I'm going to finish up my walk and stay present for the rest of the day.

I’ll be here listening for whatever the miracle of life shows me next.

Have a great one.

Talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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