Shift Out of Being Scared or Anxious

Shift Out of Being Scared or Anxious

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Hey there. How are you?

Not feeling so great, I guess, if you’re checking in on this post.

Or maybe you just enjoy the shifting, no matter what we're shifting from, because we always end up in a better place than when we started.

But today is OnePerfect Shift out of being scared or anxious.

So we'll focus on that. 

Let's start with a small shift.

Just by setting that intention to shift into a more ideal state of mind over the next few minutes. 

It's important to set the intention.

Skipping steps doesn't help. 

So did you set your intention?


And take a long, deep breath. 

And another. 

Prepare ourselves. 

Prepare our bodies and minds.


All right, let's do a specific shift now, for when you're feeling scared or anxious. 

If you're struggling with fear or anxiety, a great way to think about your life journey — to sort of re-conceptualize how you're seeing the world:

Your life journey is the sequential removal of fear from your life. 

I really love thinking about it that way. 

And I say that because removing fear is the gateway to revealing the next step in your life.

Moments of clarity emerge as your fear recedes. 

So, that begs the question, what removes fear?

Connecting to personal truth, to universal truth, to the miraculous nature of life, removes fear. 

So how do you get in touch with life's deep truths?

That's what our question is now, right?

So let's take another long, deep breath together.

And do that. 

Acknowledge the anxiety inside you. 

We're just going to sit with it. 

We're going to strategically sit with the anxiety for a while, even if it may feel scary, or it may feel unpleasant. 

It likely does. 

But the best way through it is to allow yourself to acknowledge it and feel it. 

We're not hiding. 

We're here. 

We're facing fear. 

So locate the feeling of anxiety in your body. 

Do you know where it is? 

You got it? 

Now, say hello to it. 

Befriend it, by sitting with it. 

Don't turn away. 

Just feel it for a while. 

Can you feel the sensation change at all? 

I'll give you a second. 

But notice if you feel the sensation at all as you just sit with it, and feel it.

Let's do that for 10 seconds. 



Good, good. 

Did you notice a change? 

Let's next come into full presence intentionally, by connecting to your deepest truth.

And I'll give you an example of how I do it. 

And then you can apply what your deepest truth is. 

I come into full presence by connecting to deep truth in me. One way I love to do it, like today, is just looking at a beautiful garden, sitting in a beautiful garden. 

It evokes, for me, an amplified awareness of my deepest truth.

And as I sit, I just direct my attention to feeling my buzzing body, surrounded by, enveloped by, immersed in the garden’s beauty. 

Noticing my buzzing body, it reminds me immediately, that my body is thirty trillion-plus cells, interacting in countless ways each moment, completely outside my control. 

Life flowing into form, as me, producing my experience of life.

Think about that — 30 trillion cells interacting outside your control, as your body!

So this to me is the undeniable truth, that I'm a miracle. 

And I'm immersed in a broader miracle. 

This garden reminds me of that. 

Something so much bigger than this idea of me as an individual.

Every flower absorbing sunlight, producing oxygen, bursting with life. 

All part of the same truth. 

So take another long, deep breath with me. 

And allow each new inhale of oxygen to remind you of the miracle that sustains your life. 

We are each part of this miracle of life. 

So breathe into it with me. 

However you frame that version of truth for yourself, let's do that together for 10 seconds.

Just breathe deeply.

And be.


And now, close your eyes.

And let's for 20 seconds, after closing our eyes — imagine that you're sitting with me here in this beautiful garden. 

We'll drop into full presence together. 

Allow yourself a little time before we get going, to slow down even further. 

Come into alignment with this moment, the present moment.


Allow your body to relax. 

Allow any stories that were producing fears or anxieties to dissipate.

Thoughts and stories, just fading away for now.

And sit with me here in the garden in your mind, without any distractions, for a little while. 

Let go of wants, or needs, or the future, or the past. 

Just be.

Be now. 

Feel the truth of now. 

Listen to life. 

And let's just be together for 20 seconds this way.


Sit in the garden with me, being.



Keep feeling life flowing through you. 

Keep your eyes closed. 

Life flowing through the air, the space, and the silence — connected to your body, connected to truth, part of one miracle. 

No one can ever take that from you. 

It is you. 

Only you can become distracted from this realization. 

Are you feeling less anxious now?

How about 10 more seconds? 

Let's do 10 more seconds to really reduce anything, any inner form that's creating noise inside you, that could produce anxiety — just let it go finally now. 


Sit with me in silence, in the garden, in your mind, proving to yourself that you have complete ability to shift your attention wherever you want it, whenever you want it. 


10 seconds.

Listen to the sounds of the garden. 

People working in the garden, as part of your miracle.

Can you hear that?


You’re never alone. 

You feel better? 

Feel less anxious?

I hope you do.

You can always complete this post again anytime to deepen your chill.

And love life. It loves you back. 

Have a great day.


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