Shift To Power Up (1)

Shift To Power Up (1)

Okay, here's a good Power Up.

If you're listening to this, it's likely that you've been exposed by now to the lessons of the great master teachers.

The teachers who teach about being present and about how to make changes.

But still, with all those master’s gold mines of information out there, all the great writers and great teachers, I've so often heard:

I understand the books and I understand the teachers and they resonate with me, but the changes I make, they don't stick. They don't stay with me. A few days or a few weeks after I've learned or practiced something new, the learning seems to fade and my behavior returns to what it was before.

So, how do we address this?

Take a long, deep breath.

Reconnect with this moment.

The moment we're sharing together.

Just be here for a little while.

Allow your physiology to come back to a baseline of peace.

Just chill.

Listen to life with 100% of your attention.

The truth is, we know exactly how to change.

We know how change occurs on a cellular level inside your brain, in your nerve cells — your neurons.

When your neurons change in certain ways, your behaviors in the world have to change, and your experience of life has to change.

That's why the enduring philosophy of the master teachers has now become the biology lessons of the world's best scientists.

And that means a process can be applied to make the changes you want to make.

It also means that it doesn't happen overnight.

It turns out that we humans all change in a similar way.

The process requires a bit of time, a bit of repetition, and a lot of listening to ourselves, observing ourselves, shifting our intentions — in a word, ‘meditating’ for a while — practicing shifting into presence.

That's the fastest route we know for emotional change.

If you do it for a while, the changes that you make will stick.

The changes you intend through your imagination will begin to anchor into the actual cells of your body.

Over time, they become reliably reproduced in your life.

That's what meditation does.

That’s what shifting does.

That's why I repeat mantras like…

Take a long deep breath.

And another.

Return your attention to the present moment over and over.

Allow background thoughts to fade away.

Connect here and now, without interruption.

Sit still with me.

Just listen to life.

Notice any thoughts that are arising.

Notice whatever comes into your awareness.


And, let it go.

Let's do that together for a little while longer.



If you continue to return to listening, after a while you won't have to struggle to remember to apply the wisdom you connect to when you meditate — the wisdom of the masters.

Once you build the habit of listening into your life, you become the wisdom.

The habit becomes second nature as you begin to embody the wisdom over time — through practice.

So let's take one more long, deep breath together for now.

Dropping more deeply into this moment.


Have a great day.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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