Shift A Core Priority

Shift A Core Priority

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Let's take a long deep breath.

Come into the present moment.

Listening to life with all your attention.

Trusting that if you simply listen to life with all your attention, and I mean the full 100% of your attention, you’ll drop further into a sense of presence.

Each time some attention fades away from your intention to listen, redirect your attention back and just keep listening untill you get to feeling like you're putting 100% of your attention into listening.

Listen with your ears.

Listen with your body.

Just being, for a little while.

Take a deep breath and listen.

Feel presence.

Feel gratitude come into your inner world as presence comes into your inner world.

Rather, I probably should say, ‘Feel gratitude come into your inner world as the distractions that sit on top of, and obscure, and disguise, and hide presence fade away,’ because presence is always there, after all.

Be presence for a while longer with me.

Merge into presence anytime, by listening.

Then, take note of your subtle ( or maybe massive :) shift into presence.

Feel the shift?


I thought to jump on and shift with you today because today’s Shift idea reminded me of why I moved to a very small mountain valley beach hut in California a little more than 8 years ago.

I’ve been living there in a tiny, tiny space ever since.

I thought that living sparsely surrounded by nature’s beauty was a beautiful idea.

I’ve loved doing it.

But the real motivation for my move to the hut was a recognition that I truly wanted to prioritize coming into presence by listening to life as consistently as possible — as we do when we shift together.

I felt that if I didn't prioritize that intention, I wouldn't be able to make massive progress with building that habit into my life, or improve at helping others learn how to shift, because I can be fairly distractible — particularly back then.

Being distractible makes it even more difficult to prioritize a non-concrete objective like living in presence — living in this moment — returning to this moment each time you get distracted from your intention.

My move to the hut led to an incredible personal journey.

I’ve loved it.

What provoked me to share that bit of a story today was recognizing that today’s Shift also flows out of the same intention.

And that same intention drives what we do here at OnePerfect with Shift Therapy® and OnePerfect Shift, including our personalized shifting apps ( iPhone | Android ).

Everything we do here is driven by the exact same intention that compelled me to move to a little beach hut in the mountains to prioritize presence...

To master shifting back to presence whenever you need to.

The tools that we're developing and sharing, like Shifts — and the different ways we now offer to engage with a Shift — are getting better and better.

I'm so inspired to have found that not only can we each make choices in our outer lives in support of prioritizing living in presence — from choosing where you live, to the kind of work you do, to how you structure your day, to the people that you surround yourself with, to your wellness practice, to the habits that you build into your life, to how you love — all of those things contribute to your ability to come more fully into presence more often.

AND… targeted and ever-improving digital tools are also now available for you to layer on top of your lifestyle choices to amplify your chances of getting better and better at shifting into presence — to strengthen your shifting muscle and master the skill.

We keep getting better at sharing smarter and more effective tools and strategies with you.

We’ll keep at it.

The core intention always remains — learn and prioritize the practice of coming into presence.

Presence is where you find peace.

When you know you can find peace, a lot changes about your life.

Especially in those moments that get tough.

You can come to know that you have this strategy to return yourself to peace in order to take that next step to cope with whatever it is that is feeling very tough emotionally, and or, physically in any given moment.

That's what we're doing together here.

I see developing that intention as the most powerful thing each of us can focus on in our lives.

Meanwhile, we are also a community, so I like to share what we're doing and why we're excited about it to give everyone an opportunity to jump in.

I'm glad you're doing exactly that right now by reading, and or, listening, and perhaps sharing this Shift…


If you want to take another step of engagement, try everything out and email me.

Let me know what you think, or what you’d like to see more of.

What might help support your presence practice?

Let’s take one more long, deep breath together now and come into the present moment by listening to life fully again.



Feel that Shift.

Maybe also think about one thing you can do today to improve your strategy, your structure, and your prioritization of coming into presence.

What’s one thing that you could do for yourself?

Maybe set an alarm, or a reminder to shift each day first thing in the morning, with your coffee maybe?

That's what I do.

When I do, life is very good.

Like right now, today.

Do you have a little step that you can take to affirm your commitment to return to presence and aid you in shifting a core priority?

If so, write it down where you’ll see it regularly.

And have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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