Shift Back To Life

Shift Back To Life

Let's take a long deep breath.

I'm in a San Francisco restaurant after being dropped off by an Uber, after arriving from a trip to South Africa — the retreat to prioritize 24/7 presence that I referred to during our last Shift.

I had a beautiful experience and have been looking forward to talking to you and shifting with you.

I’ve also noticed that I often do not mark transitional occasions like returning from a two-week trip as intentionally as I might. I think there’s some good and some bad in that habit.

The bad is that I don't necessarily concretize learnings as well as I could by identifying the insights that I want to make more of a priority in life moving forward.

On the plus side, just staying in the flow of life whenever you’re in the flow — as long as avoiding something that you need to deal with is not the reason you're not concretizing your learnings — is often the best way too keep ‘walking the pace of your miracle.’ When I feel I’m walking the pace of my miracle, I don’t tend to worry about too much else.

But, when it comes to feeling like you need to get yourself back to living the pace of your miracle it's a good idea to be strategic about concretizing your insights. You can personalize your own shifting strategies by noticing what's occurring for you and applying the lessons from it. That’s how you become a master of shifting yourself back into the present moment anytime.

So…what did I learn from my retreat?

Let's first take a long deep breath and drop into this moment.

Set an intention to be together for a little while.

Set your intention to be fully present by listening to life.

I'm in a restaurant so we can hear voices all around.

Let’s listen to the sounds of life with 100% of our attention.

Be life.

Feel yourself sinking into presence.


The short version of this Shift Back To Life is that I had an incredible time on my journey — an unbelievably beautiful time.

The retreat reinforced everything about the value of prioritizing presence — being fully wherever you are as you are.

The takeaway that I wanted to share with you will likely not be much of a surprise to you because ‘insights’ tend to be things we already knew own some level.

The lesson is to watch closely for how much time you spend online.

There are some wonderful things to do online, but if you are online more than you need to for some neurotic reason, take a look at it.

A great way to take a look at it is to set that intention to be present and go away for a while. Get off the grid. Spend time with yourself, and or, loved ones — whatever this moment in your life is calling for.

That's it.

There are more insights, but it’s easier to absorb one at a time.

One breath at a time.

One moment at a time.

I feel gratitude to have a community to come back to and drop into presence with.

Let's listen together for 20 seconds more and then say goodbye for today.

By the way, I'm excited about our shifting future. Having spent a couple weeks hyper-focused in presence, I'm looking forward to what we have to share together in 2024.

Okay, let’s listen with 100% of our attention again.

Set that intention again — the intention to be fully present for a while.


Can you feel the presence?

Can you feel the gratitude?


Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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