Shift From Practice To Life

Shift From Practice To Life

Hello there, how are you?

Let's take a long deep breath.

Come fully into this moment.

I’m going to step outside and listen for a moment.

Listen to the waves.

All our attention right here.

Shifting your state of mind entails first shifting into presence — a shift of your mind fully into the present moment.

So we begin our shifts by bringing 100% of our attention into wherever we are and whatever we're doing in this moment.

Sometimes that might mean closing your eyes and listening to the thoughts arising in your mind.

Other times it might mean opening your eyes and paying close attention to something you're looking at — as though you want to draw it.

We want to notice all the details we can experience to bring ourselves into as much presence as possible.

Doing that by completing shifts like we're doing right now for example, or by completing exercises when you're in therapy or coaching perhaps, are examples of life happening as you practice.

When you understand that your practice in this moment is your life, (i.e., that there is no difference between the moment that we say goodbye at the end of a Shift and the rest of your day spent in presence), you become more effective at remaining present for more of your day.

Connecting more to that insight helps you stay present for as much of your day as possible.

So let’s understand our moments of practice as moments of our lives.

That way, when your child looks up at you it’s another moment of practice, and it’s also a beautiful moment of miraculous life that you receive and respond to as such.

As you experience your life that way, you are bringing more presence into your life.

As you do that more and more, practice fades away and a life of increasing presence emerges more within you.

Once that happens, anytime you notice that you’re not present it will feel like an aberration for you.

So you'll notice when you don’t feel present.

And you'll think to yourself, “I don't feel very present. What's going on here?”

In those moments, maybe you'll come back to do a Shift to practice again for a little bit.

And when you come back to practice, you’ll remember again that practice is life.

Each moment is life.

Whether you call it practice, or you are working, or living your personal life, or making art, or relaxing, or sharing, or supporting someone — giving your love — it's all one piece.

It's all of a piece.

It's all beautiful, miraculous life.

Let’s take a long, deep breath.

And drop into this moment of life.

I'm seeing beautiful cloud formations over the candles from the hut today.

What do you see?

Bring all your attention into right now.

And let's just listen, and look, and feel.

Feel our bodies buzzing with life.

Buzzing as life.

Buzzing as presence.

Let’s take a minute in presence together before we get back to our days.

If your attention ever gets distracted from your intention to stay present — to have all your attention here and now, listening, seeing, feeling, being — just invite your attention back into silence.

And notice how your body feels as you return to inner silence.


Nice deep dive.

Let's take away from today the idea that a deep dive into presence that we take when we complete a Shift together is the same presence as the dive you can take back into your life at the end of a Shift.

So let’s dive back into whatever we are doing next today.

Dive into presence again.

Have a great one.

I'll talk to you soon.


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