Shift From Under A Car

Shift From Under A Car

Let's take a long, deep breath.

Relax your shoulders.

Sink into your space.

Set that intention to be present.

Full attention on your intention to be present for a while.

For the next few minutes together, focus 100% of your attention on listening to life.

Listen to the sounds of life.

You'll hear some sounds coming from where I am because I'm at a mechanic shop.

We were actually under a car looking at a transmission mount, looking to see what's going on with this car.

I thought, well, what better time than the present to step away for a minute and remind myself of my commitment to full presence throughout the day?

If you share that commitment — the commitment to always return to presence — in all likelihood it’s also a commitment to fully living your own journey too.

A commitment to presence is a commitment to fully living — to embracing your own story through life — to embracing your unique journey through life.

To be fully here for it.

To be present.

Whenever you're feeling too stressed it can become tricky to stay tapped into the unique journey that you're meant to live.

Intentionally dropping into a presence often has the effect of reminding you of your intention to live fully, each moment, each day.

Personally, I happen to need a lot of reminders :)

Take another a long, deep breath.

Relax your shoulders again.

Come into your space.

Do you.

Be you.

Listen to life.

I hope the sound of the car being worked on isn't too distracting for you.

Keep that intention to be fully present right now.

I'll step outside.

It may be easier to focus on being fully present out there.

Let's focus one full minute on being with life together.

All your attention focused right here, right now.


Knowing that if you take a nice, deep dive into presence right now (and or, intermittently throughout your day) a consequence is that you'll bring that deepened presence, and your corresponding intention to be present, more deeply into your life for the rest of your day too.

Take one more deep breath and listen to life again for 30 seconds.

Just listening in silence together.

100% of your attention right here, right now.



Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present.


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