Shift How You Feel Right Now

Shift How You Feel Right Now

Let's take a long deep breath.

Relax your shoulders and your neck and your entire body.

Notice the feeling of presence going straight from your deep breath, into your body, and into the tingling buzzing of life that you are.

Close your eyes if you want.

Sink into chill for a while.

Take another deep breath.


Shift how you want to feel.

Let’s do that today.

One thing that’s really helpful if you're going to do a Shift, and also to help you get better at shifting in general is: At the beginning of your Shift, precisely describe for yourself the state of mind that you want to find yourself in five minutes from now.

Describe to yourself the state you’re expecting to shift into clearly and intentionally.

I like the idea of defining your own states — rather than choosing from a list of mind state descriptions provided by someone else.

When you define your own states for yourself they become more meaningful to you because you associate a translation of one of your emotional states in your own words, (i.e., ‘my bummed out state’), with an actual feeling experience that you’ve had repetitively.

Surely you don’t encounter that feeling state all day, every day.

Maybe you just drop into it once a day, or a few times a day — or weekly.

However frequently a particular state arises for you, after you define what the state feels like by naming it you'll get quicker at shifting yourself into or out of it, on demand.

Obviously, ‘my bummed out state’ is an example of a negative state.

When you’re choosing a state you're going to shift into, you’ll usually want to select a positive state.

For example, you could say to yourself: ‘I want to shift into feeling completely dialed into what I’m working on next today.’

Or maybe, ‘I want to be completely relaxed or loving right now.’

Or, ‘I want to be fully present right now.’

Those are examples of positively-toned state descriptions.

If you want to, you can get even more specific than that about the state you intend to embody today.

Take another long deep breath.

How would you define the state that you want to embody by the end of this Shift?

It’s probably somewhere on the spectrum from ‘relaxed and loving to motivated and engaged.’

Choose a desired state for yourself now.

Now that you've set an intention for yourself, and I've chosen mine, let's intend ourselves into our chosen state during the next minute or two of silence.

Again, close your eyes if you want to just listen as you begin to see yourself in your chosen state.

For example, if you want to do something for the next hour, you should focus on seeing a scene of that activity in your inner world — see yourself becoming immersed in the scene into the state you selected.

Let’s begin our state shifts by letting our minds completely clear for the next 30 seconds.

Then, we’ll invite ourselves into the state we want to find our way into.

Sound good?

Take another long deep breath.

Relax into your space even more.

Allow your shoulders to fall toward the ground.

Just listen to life with all your attention for the next 30 seconds.

If you get distracted, reset 100% of your intention to focus 100% of your attention into listening to sounds that you wouldn't hear otherwise.

Listen through your body to the buzzing of your life


Feel yourself shifting into presence.

Sit in complete silence for 10 or 20 seconds more.

Take note of any shift to your state that is occurring or that has occurred already.

Notice how presence feels to you today.

And now… bring fully to mind the state you’ve intended to shift into today.

Conjure your chosen state definition in your inner world now.

Fill your inner world up with a clear imagination of your desired state for the next 30 seconds.


Keep feeling it.

See it occurring in your inner world now too.

Are there any associations with your chosen state that you can connect to in the physical world?

Are you intending to interact with someone or something today after you've fully embodied your selected state of mind and body?

See your state even more clearly now.

Feel it even more clearly now.

Nice job!

We did it.

It took five minutes to shift to a very different, intentional state of being.

Open your eyes when you're ready.

Enjoy your chosen state.

Have a great rest of your day.

I’ll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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