Shift How You See Yourself

Shift How You See Yourself

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Hello there, how are you?

Hope today is going all right for you so far.

Shall we settle into presence together?

Let’s take long deep breath.

And notice the sunlight shining through and onto you — and onto the space that you're in right now.

Notice how the light falls around you — even if the light is not sunlight.

And then, notice the shading.

Relax into this moment.

All your attention right here.

Notice those details that you don't usually notice — how the fabric flows and falls against whatever it's being worn by.

100% of your focus right here.

There's a concept that I think is so useful for connecting yourself to presence, dropping into the present moment, dropping into peace, dropping into a recognition of the enormity of what each of us is —> of who you are.

And that is, a remembering that our minds automatically produce models of the world.

In fact, when you are looking at your environment what you are seeing is a synthesis and reproduction of the data that comes into your mind and body through your looking.

That data gets translated through models that your mind has created to represent the world to you in a way that makes sense.

And those mental models that you are automatically creating are applied to all sorts of different things inside you.

When you observe that one of the things your models apply to is your model of yourself — of what your boundaries are, of who you are — then you can recognize that model as a story.

It's a narrative that is defining you in a particular way within this world.

When you recognize that, you can take a long deep breath and drop into this moment.

And very intentionally let go of that mental model.

Sometimes it helps to close your eyes and say, ‘Thank you model for getting me through the day. But right now, I'm dropping into peace, and presence, and quiet, and stillness.’

And rather than the model that is built of the idea that we are separate from life, and that we need to maintain a container of separation in order to move through life — in order to communicate with life — when we're in presence, feeling silence, we can let go of the model.

Breathe life in.

Know yourself as one — as life without models.

Just being.

Feel that.

Let's feel together for a little while.

Just be.

Be at one with me.

How's it going?

Anytime a thought comes into your mind — or an interruption (like this one) — recognize that as an experience of your mental model returning within you.

So let’s let it go again.

Another deep breath.

And recognize yourself as one with life.

Recognize yourself as life.

Blend into the miracle.

Let's blend into the miracle together for another 30 seconds.

Feel peace.

That's perfect.

Have a great rest of your day.

Remember that your models are defining your experience.

And when you can notice your models — the rules that you have for yourself — you can make shifts to them and open more to your potential, to broaden your experience of your life.

Whenever you want to, you can shift into presence.

You can shift into peace by dropping your models for a while and being fed by the oneness that we share.

Alright, I'll talk to you soon.


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