Shift Into Authenticity

Shift Into Authenticity

Take a long deep breath.

Feel presence.

Be presence.

Feel your body relax.

One of the things I love about Shifts is that they bring us into a deeper intimacy with ourselves.

That leads to a deeper intimacy with each other.

When we can be honest, and personal, and of quiet mind and body with ourselves, we can observe more closely what's going on — and then we can do that same thing with the people in our lives.

We can share presence.

There seems to be a need for that, and a movement toward that — and often times over the last many years, a dearth of that.

For me, that's what the activity of shifting has brought into my life.

It speaks to a level of quietness that enables us to hear our personal internal discussion of development through our lives — the progression of our lives.

After all, the conversation you're having with yourself is determining the next step on your journey.

Each next word is influencing the following.

Each word is a step into your future.

The way to have the most awareness and impact on that future is from the present.

The present moment is the only one that exists.

When you pay full attention to it, you have the most opportunity to follow it in a way that aligns with what you want, what you feel — what your purpose is.

Rarely do we go deeply inside, and feel in a very honest way, and leave that experience feeling like we are less on track in our lives.

Rarely does that happen when you sink into a Shift.

What happens is that you come into alignment with your truth.

You come into alignment with the truth of what's unique about you.

And the truth of what this moment is here to teach you.

You feel and see what your next step is.

So let's do that.

Let's come fully into the present moment together.

Set the intention to be here for the next few minutes.

Listening for the next step on your journey.

Listening for that inner dialogue.

Allowing it to quiet.

And just being with it.

Drop into a state of body, and mind, and presence that you feel most authentic in.

And see what arises from that.


Feel your authenticity.

Feel your being.

Feel nothing but the truth inside you.


Close your eyes if you want.

Relax your neck and your shoulders.

Your head can fall back.

Just settle into a deep chill as you listen to yourself.

chair on sandy beach

If you ever notice that you feel rushed, or like you need to get to the next thing — that often happens, so be aware that it’s normal — and just recognize that reaction is an aspect of your inner dialogue proceeding, pulling you forward.

That is your inner conversation defining your life.

Notice the feeling that is pulling you out of the present moment.

Then allow it to fade away.

And come back fully into listening and being.

Let's sit together for a whole minute now.

Just feeling — and returning back to that intention to listen to whatever arises inside you if you get distracted.



orange smoke on blue background


Wow, it's amazing what a minute can do.

It's amazing what setting the intention to make a shift over the course of a few minutes — and really intending yourself into it — can do.

Notice how different your body feels.

Notice how much more presence you're going to bring into the rest of your day.

I wish you a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.


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