Shift Into Confidence

Shift Into Confidence

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Let’s shift into confidence.

I’m recording in a busy park today.

Please bear with the background sounds (if you’re listening).

It will be worth it.

This truly is so simple and straightforward.

First of all, a lot of lack of confidence comes from some form of doubt about yourself.

You think that you're kind of being a fraud somehow.

But that's just this feeling that people get because we can't possibly know everything. 

We know that we have to make a lot of assumptions in life just to get by — and we know we don't know everything. 

Those factors (and others) can create a sense of uncertainty, potentially…. 

Until you remember that you’re a living miracle — you’re a perfect specimen. 

The way to come into physical, bodily, state awareness of that fact is to come into presence strategically. 

The way you do that — especially when it's about confidence — is to focus all your attention on listening.

I know what you may be thinking…

What about if I'm speaking?

Why am I focusing all my attention on listening? 

Therein lies the magic of this suggestion. 

Put 100% of your attention into listening to your voice as you speak, and take deep breaths anytime you need to — people respect your deep breaths.

Deep breaths are a sign of somebody who is taking sincerely what they're talking to you about. 

They're being authentic.

They care.

They're taking their time.

So, whenever you need to take a little bit of emotional recharge, take a deep breath.

Then, continue to assert your intention to listen with all your attention — whether you’re speaking, or someone is speaking to you, or there is silence between the words.

Remember, there's silence constantly, even when you're speaking.

When you come into that space of listening, you are authenticity.

You are confidence.

Confidence and authenticity are massively overlapping.

So let's practice right now. 

Take a long deep breath. 

By the way, this is one of the reasons why in the OnePerfect Shift app (iOS | Android | Enterprise) you are able to record your own insights anytime.

You're always one tap away from being able to record your voice, because speaking your truth out loud, and listening to it, and hearing it, are all components of bringing yourself into authenticity. 

When you're in that place, life is good. 

You're having far fewer doubts and questions about yourself being good enough, or your ability to meet the fears and challenges that you encounter.

You realize you're 100% worthy.

So let's listen to life in silence together for a minute. 

Then, we'll finish up with one more thing.



(If you’re listening to the audio right now, close your eyes and listen to life with 100% of your attention for a while.

If you’re only reading this post, just listen to life in silence for as long as you choose, before you continue reading.)

Just listen.

Keep listening. 

It's a practice in confidence. 

It's a practice in authenticity.

Be totally intentional about your relationship to life — your willingness to listen to life.


Now, I suggest you do a couple reps inside your mind's eye of seeing yourself succeeding in whatever it is that you're about to go do next. 

See yourself succeeding while knowing that people genuinely want you to succeed.

That's what the people who matter to you want for you (i.e., the people who should matter to you — the people who care about you).

They want you to succeed. 

So, know that you are supported. 

You are loved.

And no matter what, there’s always tomorrow. 

So just be yourself.

Be authentic. 

Be confident. 

See yourself succeeding now in your mind's eye.

Feel that feeling of success in your body.

Perfect landing every time.


Alright, have a great day.


P.S. If you need a reminder that you’re a living miracle listen to Shift When Life Is Difficult.

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Let’s spread authentic confidence together…


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