Shift Into Freedom

Shift Into Freedom

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Hello, hello.

Let's take a long, deep breath.

Settle into this moment intentionally and strategically by setting a clear intention to shift deeper into presence for a while.

Feel that intention being set inside you.

Let’s feel presence flowing through us now by listening to the sounds of life for 10 seconds.

Listen with all your attention.


After shifting into the present moment on demand becomes a habit for you, you won’t need to set your intention to live in presence as frequently because living presently will increasingly become your default state of mind and body.

That’s a big deal because living in presence feels like freedom.

Can you feel a shift has occurred within you already today?

Let’s listen to life and feel for freedom for another 10 seconds.


Coming deeper into presence.

Feel the air on your skin now.

Feel the air against your skin.

Settle into your seat even further, if you're sitting down.

Allow your shoulders to relax — and your head to fall backwards.

Get fully comfortable.

Just feeling and being for now.

Trusting life.

Know that you’re loved by life.

Two of my favorite lines —

Love life. It loves you back.

It's true.

Loving life allows life to love you back.

Life is dying to love you back.

Let’s breathe into loving life together for a little while longer.

Deep breath.

Express your love for life.

Feel the freedom.


Have a great one.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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