Shift Into Holidays

Shift Into Holidays

Let's take a long, deep breath together.

Come into the holidays the same way that we came into the new year — with an intention to bring ourselves into presence as often as possible.

And whenever we choose to, to be fully engaged, alive, connected to, empathic with, and in love with our lives.

I'm walking here today.

I did get a couple complaints about the sound quality last time — too many cars around. I hope that's not the same situation this time.

I'll make sure we're somewhere nice and quiet when we drop into a deep dive with presence in a minute here.

So how are you?

Are you ready for your holidays?

Ready to see your people or connect with them maybe on the phone or however you do?

Take another long deep breath.

Allow your shoulders to relax.

Think about how you want to be with your people for a minute.

As you relax your body 100%.

Relax even more.

Another deep breath.

Maybe stretch your neck out a little bit.

Pull your shoulders back for a couple seconds and then release and relax your body.

Can you connect to your body buzz a little bit?

Notice the buzz in your hands.

Now pick up the buzz in the rest of your body.


Feel that relaxed loving state of mind that you want to bring to being with your people.

Be fully attentive.

Fully here.

Fully listening.

Let's sit in complete silence listening to life and feeling life on our skin with an intention to be 100% present for 30 seconds.


Listen and be present.

Feel your body shifting.

If anything arises — maybe the annoyance of a sound pops up — just let it go.

Relax back into presence, knowing that life is sound.

Life is here and now.


If you get distracted, just allow the thoughts to melt away as soon as you notice.

Come back to another 30 seconds of coming into the holiday silence.

A deep dive this time.

Fully present.

Listen with 100% of your attention.

Life is a beautiful sound.

Listen to it fade away.

Hear that?

Life is beautiful.

Life is good.

Enjoy it with your people.

Hoping you have a little bit of time to recharge and bring your presence to your world.

Have a great rest of the year.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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