Shift Into Inner Peace

Shift Into Inner Peace

OnePerfect Shift into inner peace.

Let's start with a long deep breath together.

And another.

Take your time.

Bring 100% of your attention fully into this moment.

Bring it into the space we're sharing — this stretch of time we're sharing.

All your attention right here.

Release any concerns.

And breathe.

Trust life.

Trust silence.

It turns out that being at peace is something we're ALL capable of.

Feeling that peace inside is an incredible feeling.

We all seek it.

And we run away from it at times too.

Know that when you come fully into presence, you can listen to the miracle of life of which you are part.

And peace will flow through you.

Just take all your attention and place it into feeling that tingling buzz of your body.

Your body buzzes all the time.

You can pick up that tingling by choosing a body part.

Let's try our left foot together.

Ask yourself — how do you know your left foot is there when you can't see it?

If your eyes are closed, for example.

You know because you can feel it.

Feel the buzzing in your left foot.

Feel that?

(Close your eyes anytime you want.)

Now feel your left ankle too — as you keep feeling your left foot.

Keep tracking that beautiful buzz up your leg and around your whole body.

Feel it spreading all around you — the tingling of 30 trillion cells buzzing as you into life each moment.

Feel it — yourself as life.

Thirty trillion cells interacting trillions and trillions of ways every single instant — completely outside your control.

Producing your experience of life.

That's miraculous.

Can you feel it?

That's what you're gonna trust.

That’s inner peace.

Breathe into it and feel for 30 seconds.



If you lose your focus anytime, just bring your attention back to feeling the buzzing truth — the buzzing life of your body — the buzzing peace inside you.

The buzzing miracle of you.

Feel it.

Feels like slipping into your favorite clothes — like your favorite sweater brushing against your skin and warming you up.


All of us seek peace and all of us know how to find it.

We just did — we're sitting in a place of peace together right now .

Anytime you want, you can say to yourself — ‘Listen to life with 100% attention right now.’

Then, notice how you feel as you listen.

Feel for the peace within you.

The peace that is you.

Let’s feel more.

Feel it?

It works because presence is peace. And listening with 100% of your attention is presence.

When you trust life by listening to life fully, life returns you to presence — to peace.

When you know that, you also know that your baseline experience of life can be peace anytime.

That's an incredible piece of knowledge you can apply anytime.

I suggest you start actively tracking your experience of daily life too.

Just notice how often you are getting pulled out of your baseline peaceful experience of life throughout your days.

Notice when you are pulled into some anxiety, or annoyance, or frustration, or fear, or projection — some story of an unknown future, for example. Or maybe, you get distracted by some regret over a past that's already gone — already done.

When you notice any of those experiences have occurred inside your inner dialogue — the conversation occurring in your head — when you notice your inner conversation has been overtaken by any fears of the future, or regrets of the past, remember…

You always have a way to shift back into peace.

If you use it throughout your days, you'll start to notice you're spending more of your time in peace — just by setting this one intention.

If you’re consistent with this strategy you'll begin to notice some discipline developing around shifting back into peace whenever you notice you've strayed.

You’ll see that it’s a self-reinforcing practice.

It’s contagious in your life — and it will become contagious to those around you too.

Peace will grow throughout your days.

If you do this for a little while, you’ll start to hear your particular inner conversational patterns that repeat during your days.

After a while, inner conversation cycles that bring you into anxiety or stress will begin to reduce naturally — just because you've noticed them, you keep calling them out.

Anytime you notice peace is missing, just reset your intention to come right back into presence by listening to life.

So again now, let's feel the silence flowing through our bodies — flowing through the world and into your body, as you — as life, your life.

Can you feel that?

Feel and listen now.

What do you hear?

I hear gratitude welling up inside.

Gratitude bubbling out of reconnecting to the knowledge that I can find peace anytime I choose.

The knowledge that we can shift back into this place of pure presence, and listen for that next step along our personal miracles — our unique journeys through life — is a gift.

Let's accept the gift.

Take one more deep breath for now.

Set that intention to live completely at peace by trusting life.

Trust that life will guide you to peace — if you listen consistently.


Is your intention set?

Got it?

Can you feel it?


Have an incredible day.



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