Shift Into Life

Shift Into Life

Hey there, how are ya?

I almost made it through the whole day without really taking a deep dive into presence.

I was working on a Shift during my deep dive this morning.

Sometimes when I tinker, I'm not taking my own deep dive as much as usually benefits me.

So if you missed yours for the day so far too, join me in a deep dive now.

Let’s take all of our attention and come into the present moment.

I'm going to start by listening to life.

I'm out for a walk.

Coming up on sunset here.

I hear some birds in the background.

What do you hear?

I hear the ocean rolling.

And now let's take all our attention and notice the trillions of cells that buzz us into existence.

Let’s just focus on our buzzing life.

Allow ourselves to be rejuvenated by projecting nothing onto ourselves — just straight aliveness, straight being.

Feel and be.

Notice that mind coming into silence.

Everything quiets down as you listen and feel.

Let any thoughts that you notice to fade into silence.

Just a silent mind, a silent body.

Feel that buzz of presence.

You'll notice as you take a bit of consistent time just coming into full presence, listening to life, being life, that you will recharge more and more quickly as you do it.

You'll drop more deeply into your deep dives into presence more rapidly.

And you'll get filled up by that pure clean energy of being connected to your buzzing life.

So let's spend another 30 seconds or so, sinking totally into the deep dive of the presence of your body and your life now.

Just feel and be.

You feeling at peace?

Are you feeling rejuvenated?

Or, did you get distracted?

Let's take another 15 seconds, just being in peace.

Let everything go.


All right, nice recharge.

Have a great day or evening, whatever it is for you.

And set that intention to stay present.

And I will talk to you soon.


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