Shift Into Your Life Purpose

Shift Into Your Life Purpose

Life purpose

You need to be as at peace as possible to be your work — to do your life's work.

Take a deep breath.

Release all inner conflict.

Just let it go.

Relax your shoulders.

Allow your arms to fall toward the ground.

Close your eyes if you want.

Breathe with me deeply — for a few seconds.

Set an intention to drop deeply into presence over the next three minutes.

Feel that intention anchoring into your body.


Your unique personal miracle is happening right now, always.

So walk the pace of your miracle by listening to life right now, always.

Let's shift our inner states further now by listening to life together deeply for 10 seconds.

Shift into your listening state of mind.

Keep breathing deeply, easily.


Listen to life with 100% of your attention for 10 seconds now.


Can you sense an inner shift into your ‘listening’ state of mind?

More listening, less talking in your head?

Your listening state of mind is a state of presence.

Let’s keep going.

Slowly and purposefully.

Staying in the present moment.

Staying in our listening state of mind.

Being fully present to this moment — with intention.

Remain in your listening state of mind.

Focus 100% of your attention on listening to life going by for 10 more seconds now.


Remember, life is difficult for most people.

And we are all together in this inexplicably deep and challenging experience.

Your life journey becomes beautiful and purposeful when you realize that you're sharing the miracle with every other person.

So let's honor the miracle by helping each other, and helping others in general, through the uncertain stretches that everyone's inner journey entails.

We can alleviate suffering by teaching about how life and suffering are primarily an internal journey…

The miracle of life flows through your inner world and into your outer life.

So listen to your inner world, closely now.

You'll hear the pace of your unique miracle — your journey of life.

And when you hear it, you can follow what you hear to walk the pace of your miracle — to be your purpose, as I sometimes call it.

Ready to reconnect to purpose again, by listening with 100% of our attention?

Let's listen to our inner worlds and our outer worlds for 10 seconds now.

Listen and feel.


Can you notice that you’ve shifted into a better state of mind?

Feel the peace.

Now's a good time to set an intention to reconnect to presence and purpose whenever you feel disconnected over the next few days.

So feel yourself setting an intention now — an intention to remain in presence for the rest of your day.

And also — to become aware when you’ve dropped out of presence, so you can shift back into presence by listening to life, whenever you notice your attention has been distracted.

Can you feel your intention setting in your inner world?


Let’s have an incredible day.

Stay present,



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