Shift Into Loving Your Life

Shift Into Loving Your Life

Let's take a long deep breath.

Settle into this moment.

Maybe move your head around and stretch your neck a little bit.

Feel yourself relax into the now.

100% of your attention right here.



Letting everything else go for a little while.

Just be with me.

No thoughts.

No plans.

No responsibilities.

Just peace.

Just reconnecting to that love of life.

Feel life.

Feel yourself shifting into presence.

Presence overlaps with your love of life.

A seemingly universal story of human development is that of growing from a child born with an innate connection to the present moment with a natural love and curiosity for — and playfulness with — life.

As we age, we often lose aspects of our inherent relationship to the present moment. The joy inherent to childhood is so often replaced, or covered up, as we ‘grow.’

Disconnecting from presence by adding psychological layers of distraction and abstraction is often unfortunately associated with ‘growing up.’

As grown-ups though, we can also reconnect strategically and intentionally to the deep connection to life we observe in children at play.

With intention, we can maintain that beautiful, alive relationship to life throughout our lives. And we can feel the joy of living.

Those two things are actually one and the same, right?

You feel joy when you are engaged in a love affair with life.

Let’s take another long, deep breath.

Set an intention to protect your relationship to presence.

Your connection to presence is your birthright.

It's also something that you can have huge influence over. The more you value presence and prioritize presence in your life the more time you're likely to spend in presence.

Take one more deep breath to come further into presence for another minute.

Let's feel life tingling on our skin.

I'm out for a walk right now, so you probably hear some cars going by.

Feel life tingling against your skin.

I feel the cool air against my hands.

Listen to the sounds of life as you also feel the buzz of life on your skin.

Be fully present.

No agenda — except a child’s love of life.

Immerse completely.

If you get distracted from your intention to love life fully at this moment, just reset your intention to let everything go.

Then, listen to life for a while longer.

Be presence for another 30 seconds or so.


I love it.

Take that feeling — your love of life — with you for the rest of your day.

I hope you're having a great one wherever you are.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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