Shift Into Retreat Mode

Shift Into Retreat Mode

Hello friend!

I recorded this ‘Retreat Shift’ to let you know I’ll be on retreat for a couple weeks — and to prepare for the journey a bit. I’ll be back in touch with our next Shift when I return.

Have a present couple weeks!


Let's take a long, deep breath.

Allow your body to relax.

Allow your shoulders to fall toward the ground.

Feel life and be life for a while.

Listen to life with 100% of your attention.


Notice your body shift into presence.

Take a deep dive into presence with me.

Feel all the stress, anxiety — future worry and past worry — fade away with another deep breath.

Presence melts it all away.

Can you feel that?

If you get distracted, when you notice, shift all your attention back to listening, feeling, seeing again.

Perfect. Feels good, right?

I’m beginning two weeks of retreat into a deep consistent experience of presence.

I’m so looking forward to it.

When was the last time you experienced that feeling of having some time away from your routine coming up?

Can you remember what that feeling is like?

Even if it's not happening in your immediate future, you might think about how to prioritize finding that time for yourself.

Time away from your routine can help you step up your presence practice.

It can help you follow through with your intention to live as deeply and beautifully and intentionally as you choose.

Let's take another long, deep breath.

Stretch out a little bit.

Move your head from side to side.

Stretch your neck in every direction.

Let's be together for another 30 seconds in silence, listening to life and recharging together.

When you drop into presence you can better hear your next step.

It flows through you into the world.

What are you hearing?

What’s next for you?

Could there be a retreat on your horizon?

Take a final long, deep breath for now.


I wish you a beautiful next couple weeks.

I'll be back here with you with our next Shift when I return.

We’ve had over two years of weekly shifting together here.

A beautiful trip it’s been.

I look forward to sharing the new nuggets of beauty we stumble across during our next two years together.

Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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