Shift Into The Holidays

Shift Into The Holidays

Hello friend.

Let’s take a long deep breath and shift together.

I was looking back at last year’s ‘Shift Into The Holidays’ which we’ll revisit in a few moments.

It’s a reminder that deep bonds with others and with life, however expressed, are core to what being human is.

Your bonds form the spine of your life’s journey.

Ideally, the holidays offer some space to take stock of your journey.

Are you feeling actively engaged in live?

Are you living as you want to?

Are you remembering you’re a part of a miracle beyond conception?

Is your relationship to life feeling right on to you?

I ask myself those questions every day.

There's a lot of gratitude and peacefulness in my heart and life today.

I hope there’s a lot of peacefulness in your heart too.

The right track is never too far away though, regardless of where you are right now.

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You can always take a deep breath and come into presence.

Let's do that together.

I'll make a few suggestions about how we can have a great holiday with family or friends in a minute here.

All our intention just listening in this moment for now.

Full presence.

We can be here 100% whenever we choose to.

Assert your intention to place your attention in the present moment.

And listen to life with me for 20 seconds.


Let's step outside and listen to the beach waves in the background as we shift into the holidays.

Set an intention to be intentional about how you're going into the holidays.

Take another long deep breath and listen.

Who is the person that you want to be for your loved ones, and with your loved ones?

It's a good question to ask and answer before you engage with other questions about what you should do in those difficult moments — or with those difficult loved ones.

Or, with those people who you don't feel love for — but who are there in your family circle, or your friends circle, somehow.

Those choices will flow out of your answer to the first question…

The first and most important question is, how do you want to be?

Who is the ‘you’ you'd like to bring to your holidays?

Do you have a sense of your answer?

If you can capture it in a phrase, you might want to jot it down so you have an easy reference when an inevitable challenge comes up.

Once you have a sense of the immutable you — the present you — you're in great shape, because you’ve connected to your intention.

Feel it?


If you also want to do a little pre-troubleshooting around things that could come up, keep in mind that your expectations are huge drivers of actual events — and of other people's behaviors.

What you expect is going to happen will influence what does happen.

So be careful about what you expect as you troubleshoot.

That point also suggests that the idea of troubleshooting really should be a process of catching yourself — noticing yourself when you shift out of your prioritized, intentional state of being with your loved ones, or with your time off.

So let's sit with the intention to primarily return yourself to an intentional state of mind whenever any “trouble” arises, or any stress arises, or anytime you get pulled out of your intention — distracted from it, somehow.

First, you’ll notice the distraction. Then, you’ll return to your intentional state of mind.

Reset your intention now.

Spending a minute getting into sync with our intentions by bringing them into our bodies helps your intentions to become a reality set within you for the next few days, if not longer.


We’ll take about one minute.

Close your eyes if you want and bring your intention to mind — the state you intend to shift back into if you ever notice yourself getting triggered emotionally.

If you bring your intention to mind enough, you'll shift into the feeling state of that intention in your body.

If it's love you intend, you'll start feeling love.

If it’s gratitude you intend, you’ll start feeling gratitude.

See yourself in your intended state in order to bring yourself into it right now.

Do you feel the state welling up?

Picture a scene of you expressing yourself as you want to, and being as you want to now.

Are you smiling?

Are you interacting?

How are you feeling?

Feel it.

Amplify it now by really sinking in, diving deep into the feeling state — your intention.

Embody your intention.

Got it?


Have a great time with your time off.

Return to your intention when you need to.

Talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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