Shift Into Your Inner Life

Shift Into Your Inner Life

"You learn how to suffer. If you know how to suffer, you suffer much, much less. And then you know how to make good use of suffering to create joy and happiness." — Thich Nhat Hanh

Today, let’s take a deep breath.

Sometimes when you sink deeply into presence you see things, and questions arise from those things, and answers arise from those questions.

Being able to listen to yourself, to your own inner world — to your thoughts, to see your motivations — that is life watching itself.

And it's a beautiful dance.

Because once you see that and consistently come into it, now you have a different relationship to life.

And that can change everything about what motivates you, about the importance of connecting to your own purpose — to listening deeply to yourself, and learning to follow what you hear by developing that sensitivity.

So let's do that.

Let's take a deep dive together and develop our sensitivity.

I think I'm going to sit outside.

Let's take all our attention and just bring it into this moment.

However you feel like doing that today.

I'm going to listen to life while I feel my body, while I know I'm deeply connected to life.

And, I'm going to recede into life even more deeply as we take a deep dive today.

So I'll walk you through what I'm doing.

I'm going to close my eyes and put all my attention into my body feeling that tingling sensation that you can just pick up from those 30 trillion cells buzzing.

Buzzing with life.

Buzzing as life.

Buzzing life into you and through you.

So just feel that buzz.

Let's feel the buzz for a minute.

Perfect — feel your buzz.

Are you staying fully intentional about feeling the buzz?

Bring your attention back if it faded away on you at all.

Let's go for a little longer.

Be open.

Be honest.

Be loving.


That's what I hear.

What do you hear?

Alright, perfect.

That was a nice deep dive.

I hope you are having a present day.

That will help us reset the intention to stay present for the rest of the day.

Have a good one.


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