Shift Into Your Life's Next Step

Shift Into Your Life's Next Step

Let’s take a long deep breath.

Try to stay present.

All your attention right here.

Not getting distracted.

If you do get distracted anytime, just bring your attention back to listening to life.

Listen to life for a little while.

What’s the next step in my life?

It’s such a persistent question with we humans, isn't it?

We're always asking, What's next? What's next?

One thing that helps with knowing your ‘What's next?’ answer is to recognize that anyone that you've ever talked to, or met, or learned about, who did what they were meant to do for their life — who lived their purpose and fulfilled their destiny — if they would tell you that, they would also tell you that they felt for it to find it.

Then they followed what they felt.

They knew who they were because they felt it.

So much of our world is driven by thinking, and the mind, and figuring things out.

Running facts, running logic has gotten us so much comfort and safety for so many people — we have a long way to go, but we've made a lot of progress because of that.

That said, to the degree that progress is at the expense of our shared understanding that the feeling life — feeling for what's right for you, for what's next for you — is the genius of what the human body is.

Feeling is what human life is.

Let's not forget our connection to that.

That is our connection to life.

It’s our connection to our environment.

Our recognition of our connection to each other.

Life is fundamentally about being connected to your world.

It’s about your presence.

It’s about the recognition that taking a long deep breath is pulling in oxygen that is part of you.

It’s intersecting with you.

It's turning into you.

It's feeding you.

And then, you are sharing something out back into the environment.

You are literally not separate.

Connecting with that and making a practice of it might be necessary in order to counter our logical thinking impulse.

So let's take a deep breath.

Intend to just feel together for the next minute, two minutes — however long we go.

I'm going to walk outside again.

You feel life wherever you are.


Just feel life.


So nice.

Just listening.

I’m going to reaffirm my commitment to taking a deep dive into presence daily.

To make sure that I'm feeding that sense that I need to be able to feel deeply into my world in order to hear and follow my purpose — my unique journey.

It's a primary commitment to me.

Let's just do another 30 seconds together.

And set that intention, if you want to.

Just come into presence with me.

Listening to and feeling life.

That's perfect.

Now stay in the present moment as I say goodbye.

Listen as long as you want.

And have an incredible day or night — whatever it is for you.


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