Shift Monday Morning

Shift Monday Morning

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Hope you had a good weekend!

Let’s take a long deep breath.

OnePerfect Shift on Monday morning.

Holy moly, let's get after this.

Here we go.

This is what we’re here for, right?

Our work. Our work.

If you have a typical workweek that starts Monday morning, the idea right now is let's get connected to our purpose…

Why we do what we do.

Maybe you do what you do because what you do is the clearest expression of presence flowing through you that you can imagine — whatever your Monday morning activity is, that is. 

Or, maybe you're in your role as a step towards the clearest expression of presence flowing through you that you can imagine.

If it's not one of those two, then maybe you should think about listening to presence flowing through you as we go here — and consider how you can take a step in your life toward at least feeling like you are on the path towards the free flow of presence, and purpose, into the world.

Whatever category you're in right now, you can take the same step on a Monday morning to get yourself into flow to start the week…

Come fully into this moment.

Let's do that together.

All of our attention right here.

Allow your shoulders to relax.

I'm going to pull my shoulders back a little bit after I relax them. 

We're getting into the right state of mind and body to get after it this week.

Allow your arms to relax. 

Your whole body should be relaxed. 

Place all your attention, 100% of your attention, right here.


Be in your environment.

Allow presence to flow unobstructed and unresisted through you. 

Feel it. 

Feel the buzzing of your body now.

Just keep breathing deeply.

Notice that tingling sensation of your alive body.  

All your cells coming together, tingling with presence to express truth through you.

Feel that?

You're an embodiment of truth in form. 

Ever-changing every moment.

Aligned with the intention of that truth — your purpose.

Another long, deep breath.

Let's set an intention together to have an incredible, an incredible week.

Set that intention — A week of presence flowing through you.

You got it?

Alright, let's listen to life for 30 seconds, and then we'll get rolling.



Staying fully present.

If your mind wanders, just bring it back to your intention to allow presence to flow through you. 

100% of your attention right here.


Another 10 seconds.


As we tie our Shift up, set that intention to stay present throughout the day.

All right. 

Great job. 

Stay present and have an incredible week.


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