Shift Out Of Feeling Held Back

Shift Out Of Feeling Held Back

Hey there. How are you?

Can you hear the beach waves crashing?

Come on inside the hut.

And let's start with a small shift.

Let's set an intention to shift into a more ideal state of mind over the next few minutes.

You set the intention?

Okay, good.

And take a long deep breath.

And another.

Take your time.


Here's a Shift out of feeling held back.

To feel at peace and in harmony, as though you're following the path you're meant to follow for your life, there is only one way through.

And that is, coming to respect and love yourself so that your self-judgments don't get in the way of your relationship to life — your ability to love life, to love the world that's just waiting to love you back.

We've all done things that give us pause.

Things that truly require forgiveness of ourselves by ourselves.

And as a result, the job of forgiving yourself is a primary task of living.

We are here to come to love ourselves fully though.

And commit to doing our best moving — whatever that is.

If that means forgiving yourself now, forgive yourself.

It's a gift only you can give.

For a lot of people, self-judgment sits on top of everything so persistently that it's hard to even see.

It becomes transparent to you.

So a good question to ask yourself to tease out where the judgment challenge is for you — to test whether you have a challenge with loving yourself at all even — is to ask, “What am I judging myself negatively for right now?”

What are you judging yourself negatively for?

Just sit with that question for a while.

And if it's a difficult question to answer, pause and sit a little longer.

We aren't going to change it all today.

So let's just try to identify one area for now.

Take another long deep breath.

We're gonna release any self-judgment for today, and get on with loving life.

That’s our intention.

When you get to the three dots below, I want you to look out into your environment and come intentionally into this moment — by focusing your attention wherever you are right now.

Become 100% focused in your environment for 10 seconds, while breathing deeply.

Observe your breath coming into your body, and out again.

And just observe your environment.




Now see if you can notice your mind quieting down, releasing all self-judgment — and all judgment of others.

Just being here.

Present with each word you hear, or each word you might be reading.

Feel your love for life.

Feel it.

Feel it.

Give that love the next 10 seconds of your life.



Feel your love of life for 10 seconds.


Now feel that love for yourself.

Feel your intention to shift into a self-loving state of mind.

Experience life as one perfect moment during which you feel fully forgiving of yourself and loving of yourself.

And do it for the next 10 seconds.

Just feel it.


Great job.

That’s how you release yourself from feeling held back.

Are you feeling more open and less judgmental about yourself and others?

I hope you do.

Seize your day, my friend.


P.S. Here’s a beautiful sentence I received from a subscriber this week.

“When you find yourself in but the Love you give, you have found yourself.”

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