Shift Out Of FOMO

Shift Out Of FOMO

Hello, friend.

Let's take a long deep breath.

Come fully into the present moment.

It helps to invite your attention in as you get started on a deep dive into the present moment.

Set a little time aside.

Notice how your body feels.

Notice that subtle change you can often pick up when you come initially into presence intentionally.

Feel that shift that happens when you dedicate all your attention to looking and hearing, and listening, and feeling.

Relax your entire body.

Take another deep breath as your body melts into wherever you're sitting, or lying, or walking.

Melt into life.


Your inner life — where you process everything about your experience, and where you feel your experience — occurs within.

Your experience of life is being driven by the thoughts that are arising in your mind in this moment.

So notice your thoughts as often as you can.

And then allow them to fade away when you want to connect to peace.

Your life occurs inside you.

Your inner life being the world inside your brain and inside your body.

And your outer life is what's occurring outside your brain and your body.

It's helpful to remember that your inner life drives your life experience.

What's happening in your inner world is determining how you’re experiencing your life.

When you come into explicit awareness of that reality, it can be helpful for shedding stresses — like FOMO, fear of missing out.

When you attend to your inner world as primary, you can get a real handle on what's actually driving you to have fears of missing out, or stresses, or fears about anything else.

When you come into presence as we did at the beginning today, you can notice how it feels different inside when you come into presence intentionally.

You can see how easy it is to shift your inner life.

And then you continue to shift and deepen into presence, into silence.

You’ll see that your fears of missing out, and anything else, diminish.

And as you settle into it you recognize that silence, presence, obliterates fear.

Presence melts fear.

It subsumes fear.

The peace of your inner life can remove the idea that the outer life should be able to determine your level of peace at all.

Your life is yours when your inner life is yours.

So let's do a deep dive into our inner lives together and release stress.

Come into presence by sitting still and feeling your body with all your attention.

Notice how your experience changes over the course of a full minute when you focus all your attention on just listening to life and feeling your body.



Allow stress to fade away.

Allow any fears of missing out to fade away.

Be at peace.


How do you feel?

Has your stress shifted?

Let’s set an intention to be present for now, and for the rest of your day.

Feel it.


Have a great one.

I'll talk to you soon.


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