Shift Guilt

Shift Guilt

man covering his face with both hands

Let's take a long, deep breath.

I'm sitting in a Zen Garden today.

Join me here.

bird perched on leafed plant

It's gorgeous out.

Let's set an intention to come 100% into presence by listening to life with 100% of our attention for 10 seconds.

Hear what you wouldn't otherwise hear.


Life is good.

Take another deep breath.

Notice how you feel.

Do you feel any more here and now?

Do you feel any more present?

Just being present with 100% of your attention releases stress.

A couple minutes of intentional presence every day is very good for you.

So take another deep breath and set an intention to be fully present for a little while with me.

Setting a specific intention to be present is a big deal.

So feel your intention being set inside you now.


So often in our lives most of us (maybe, all of us) feel guilty or ashamed.

We get overrun by a sense of shame or guilt.

Many times though, the judgments that we make of ourselves are judgments that arise from somebody else's standards — somebody else's life experience.

Because we are each unique, I believe one of the most important things we can do in our lives is discover our own truth.

Find the truth out of which your standards flow.

Find the standards that work for you — for your unique life.

Then lean into your truth, your standards.

And lean into your relationships.

Recommit to living your truth moving forward.

Honor your truth, so people know who you are.

Then, you can be present for your people.

And your people can then be present for you.

If your guilt or shame derives from someone telling you you're not enough, become more consciously aware of that today by feeling for it.

Listen for it.


Identify your own standards.

Get clear about what your standards are and why they are right for you.

Connect to a personal truth of yours right now.

How present do you feel when you connect to a truth of yours?

Do you feel completely here and now?

Let's listen to life even more fully now.

Feel your life flowing through you for 10 seconds.

Feel your way fully into presence — not thinking about being present, but rather, feeling your body’s existing presence.

Find your state of flow by listening to your life’s unique journey.

Follow your personal miracle by listening for the pace of your miracle.

Listen and live the pace of your miracle by dropping into your body and feeling life fully — with your entire body now.

Feel presence.

Keep listening to life with your whole body.

Feel yourself as life.

Let's listen to life for 30 seconds more.

Focus 100% of your attention on listening to, and with, your body.

Listen to your world.

If you get distracted anytime, just come back into the present moment by returning to listening with 100% of your attention.

Listen and feel life.

Feel life on your skin.

Keep listening and feeling.


That was beautiful.

Stay present.

Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.



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