Shift The Mental Health Crisis

Shift The Mental Health Crisis

Let's take a long, deep breath.

Come fully into this moment.

Let's bring 100% of our attention into the space we're each sitting.

Notice what's around you in the environment.

Study your environment for while.

See something you've never seen before.

Be awed by the life all around you.

Notice how doing that shifts your state of being.

It shifts how you feel a little bit — as you notice each new detail.

Notice shading.

Notice the way the light flows.

Notice a plant that's grown a bit that you haven't noticed in a while, maybe.

And now, set that intention to come into full presence for a while.


Thank you for shifting with me on this topic that's a bit serious.

Shifting our ‘mental health crisis’ as I keep hearing it called.

Take another long, deep breath.

I recently started talking about shifting as ‘microdosing mental health.’

I think it's an important and helpful way to think about how we can each not only keep ourselves as close to staying on the right track for ourselves as is possible — by making a habit of shifting into a better state of mind (a consequence of which is that you end up understanding more clearly what a ‘better state of mind’ feels like for you) — but also to keep developing the skill of being able to shift toward your preferred state of mind and body whenever you choose to.

That's what Shifts can do for you over time.

And… if you understand how to find a better state of mind when you need to, then I believe that sharing that knowledge with someone else is incumbent upon you — if you want to help the overall, the collective, (i.e., the mental health crisis that we all know is out there).

That might mean that you choose to bring your knowledge of how to come into a better state to someone who's struggling.

Maybe it’s a friend who you think might be interested.

Or, maybe you know someone else who's really struggling.

There is so much homelessness now — so many people without reliable roofs above their heads.

It's so difficult for so many people in so many different ways.

The difficulty even extends to professionals in the health and mental health fields who grapple to understand how to best intervene — when and where to intervene — especially as we're now to the point where there are so many more people with addiction issues and mental health issues.

More people with both of those issues are living on American streets as compared to the fairly recent history of our country.

In the sixties and seventies things were a bit different with mental health care in America.

After that, we stopped allowing people as much time, and space, and love (I would argue) to find what they needed to continue their life journey feeling connected to the whole — to us.

We stopped caring in the same way.

So, we need to re-develop how we care for each other because the way we did back then wasn't a full solution either.

The mental health crisis won’t be solved all at once, but I believe that shared ‘shifting’ can be a part of a health care model that values supporting each other’s journey very intentionally.

Sharing how you shift into a better state of mind is one easy way you can pass along how you reconnect with your mental health and with yourself.

Connecting to the right message (for you) consistently is a core of good mental health.

And a huge part of hearing the right message for you is being fully present to your life — fully present to your unique journey — which can enable you to connect deeply with others too.

That's why I'm such a huge believer in the value of consistently shifting into presence together here.

Let's do that now.

Take another deep breath.

Notice the life flowing around you.

If you make a habit of finding peace regularly, you’ll always know your pathways back to peace.

You’ll become confident that you can find your way there whenever you need to.

So let's just listen to life together now for 30 seconds or so.

Make a commitment to yourself to stay present for a while.

Make a priority of being 100% present for as long as you choose.

And if you want to, share how you shift your state of mind with someone new this week.


Let's listen to life for a while longer together.

Let’s be thankful for whatever mental health we do have.

Feel gratitude fill you.

Feel all the blessings you have.

If you're still listening to this, you are blessed — you are able to shift yourself into a better place when you choose to.

One more deep breath.


Feel the shift.

Have a great rest of your day or night by setting an intention to stay present for the rest of your day now.


I’ll talk to you soon.


Let’s shift the world together.


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