Shift The Noise

Shift The Noise

Let's take a long, deep breath.

Take another deep breath and relax your shoulders and arms.

Maybe find a seat if you're standing, or lie down if you choose.

Breathe deeply.

Set the intention to be fully present for a little while.

Place all your attention in the present moment, right here.

Shift your attention to listening to ALL the sounds of life now.


Use any moments of distraction, like a refrigerator in the background, or a car driving by, as reminders that when you get distracted you can get annoyed.

Remember, those moments of distraction, of annoyance even, can become cues to come back into the present moment.

To take another deep breath and listen even more deeply.

Then, feel as presence emerges.

Every sound can become a part of the whole of life — and annoy you less.

All sound is life.


You are 30-trillion cells buzzing as life.

You get to have life flow through you as you — as your life — each moment.

You get to play with that.

You get to experiment with that.

You get to learn about it for a lifetime.

Listen and feel.


Let’s take one full minute with our eyes open now, just looking around our space listening with 100% of our attention.

Notice how the flavor of your presence changes as your listen.

That's how you explore your inner world as you explore your outer world.


Now, settle on a single object — listen to it and see it with all your attention.

Notice something about it you've never noticed before.

There are many things you haven't noticed about this object before.

Reflections of light, shadows — things that could only exist at this exact moment, with this exact lighting, on this exact day.

You are changing all the time too.

So “who” is seeing the object has changed since the last time you saw it as well.

What do you see now?

Feel what's occurring in your inner world shifting as you focus on something new about your object.

What happens for you when you merge all of your attention into the object?

Can you feel gratitude pouring into you from being present?

Let’s spend ~20 more seconds sitting together in silence.

Be 100% here.

Allow any thoughts that arise to immediately fade away.

One more deep breath.

Listening and seeing and being now.

I love it.


Have a great rest of your day.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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