Shift Time

Shift Time

Let's take a long deep breath.

I have something that I'm going to share with you coming up, that I'm getting increasingly excited about sharing.

I’m having a harder and harder time not talking about it here.

So there's my teaser :)

Good ‘Shift’ things are coming soon!

I want to talk to you about something else today though.

Let's take another long deep breath and deepen our presence first.

Come into the present moment with me by setting an intention to be present for a while — listening to life together.

Be intentional about seeing something in a brand new way for a bit.

See something you've never seen before.

For example, I’m looking at the room I’m in from an angle that I've never viewed it before.

Maybe try that for yourself?

As you look around, notice how you shift increasingly into the present moment as your ‘new eyes’ take hold.

Feel that?

We're back together in the ‘now brain’ instead of the future brain, or the past brain.

Feel it.

A deep question that is worth all of us looking at is whether we collectively, and you individually, and I individually, have become a future person, living in a future culture.

Have we become a future culture, rather than a now culture — a present culture?

I won’t opine here about the consequences of living in the future, or living in the past, rather than living in the present.

Let’s just take a minute to check ourselves on that question for now.

Are you living in the present moment?

Are your present moments the way you would choose them to be?

If you look back and notice how present you’ve been for your life recently, is your life about the future too much, or about the past too much?

If you feel like that question is worth exploring further, or if it's clear to you that you've been living in the future, or living the past too much, let's make a commitment to each other to work on that together — to be intentional about being present for all of the moments of our lives.

Let’s listen to life together again.


I was a guest on a podcast earlier today.

I’ll share that podcast episode in a Shift when it posts.

Paul, the host, asked me whether shifting into a better state of mind was like saving yourself time.

I thought that was a genius question.

What he meant was that when you are present, time is different.

You are here!

When you're not present, your mind is typically distracted or racing — you’re mind is future-oriented or past-oriented — and, in turn, time feels very different.

Paul was pointing out that shifting into the present moment actually gives you time.

It allows you to be at peace.

It allows you to notice that five minutes in presence is a very deep experience.

And, it completely changes your experience of the rest of your day — never mind the enjoyable experience of the body shift that takes place over the course of a ~5-minute shift.

Let’s experience that now by being together with intention.

We’ll spend the next minute mostly in silence — just listening to life with 100% of your intention.

Set an intention to be fully present for the rest of our minute together.

Listen to life with a 100% of your attention now.

Notice how your body is shifting.

Feel yourself coming more deeply into presence.

Let any thoughts, any distractions, go.

Relax your shoulders.

Allow your arms to fall toward the ground.

Know that you're recharging, and getting back into sync with the pace of your miracle.

You’re walking your unique path by simply listening to life.


Mark how you feel now.

Make a mental note of how you feel so that the genius of your ~30 trillion cells can be informed by what you experienced.

Let's set the intention now to be present for the rest of our day.

Be fully present in your life by keeping 100% of your attention in the present moment.

Feeling and being fully in our bodies as we move through and interact in the world.

Fully embodying ourselves.


Enjoy the rest of your day!

Have a great one.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present,


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