Shift To Feel More Chill (Right Now)

Shift To Feel More Chill (Right Now)

Let's take a long deep breath.

Come fully into this moment.

How are you?

What's going on over there?

Is life good?

Set that intention to come into a present state for a little while.

Allow your shoulders to relax.

Your arms to fall toward the ground.

I like to move my head around in a circle to begin to chill.

Listen to life for 10 seconds.

Really notice that shift inside your body.

That body shift that occurs along with that shift inside your mind.


I did a podcast guest appearance recently.

The conversation was so interesting because the person I was talking to mentioned that she felt very anxious regularly.

And, she asked if we could, for this talk, focus on how not to have that anxiety be part of our lives?

I thought that was just brilliant because that’s the purpose of the efforts we make here — to live a life of presence.

To live a life of purpose.

So I thought the idea of specifically talking on a podcast to actually practice being chill together — exploring how we can move through our days percolating at a level of stress that doesn't veer into that anxiety too much — was genius.

We each want a level of stress that allows us to embody a state of mind and body that keeps us feeling connected within the flow of our day — not feeling overly stressed.

That ultimately entails learning how to shift your state back to a state of presence, each time you notice that you've fallen out of that peace.

So we did exactly that practice for that podcast episode.

We loved it.

I’d say we succeeded in being chill together.

We nerded out a bit together and got real too.

It was fun.

I’ll drop a link to that episode of “Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning” below this Shift.

The conversation reminded me again of why we engage with shifting into presence very intentionally and strategically here — and throughout our days.

We anchor ourselves to the objective of coming into chill, into peace and into presence with each other in each Shift, right?

That’s why we set the intention to live presently, peacefully throughout our Shifts and throughout our days.

It's the coolest thing to know that you can make strides towards living at peace just by doing that.

You could literally see changes that happen within your brain if you’ve practiced for a while.

The research shows changes in brains that correlate with producing feeling states that are associated with coming into presence regularly.

So let's get back to being intentionally present, by feeling our bodies now.

Feel that tingling sensation flowing throughout your body.

Place all your attention into your body.

Feel that buzz of life buzzing through you.

How do 30 trillion buzzing cells feel?

Feel the buzz of them cells :)

Your whole body buzzes with life.

Feel it.

Sink into it with 100% of your attention.

Feeling that buzz.

Feel your body buzz for a little longer.

Deep breath.

If anything is interfering with your presence, just take a note of what it is.

Then, let it go.

If you need to, write it down.

Then, let it go.

Come back to it later.

For now, all presence.

Feel that tingling body buzz as you also listen to life now.

Feels good.

Feels so good.

Set that intention to live in presence — to be present — for the rest of your day now too.

Have an incredible one.

Thank you, by the way.

I want to express my gratitude to you for keeping me shifting regularly — by shifting with me.

Community is so huge.

And I feel you.

I feel you out there.

So, thank you.

Have a great rest of your day!

Stay present,


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P.S. Here’s the podcast episode link I mentioned above, if you want to check it out — Neuroscience Meets Social and Emotional Learning.

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