Shift To Full Presence

Shift To Full Presence

What is “Presence”?

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Hello, hello! How are you?

I'm looking forward to the next several minutes with you. 

A question frequently raised is, ‘What is presence?’

Presence is an experience. 

Let's have that experience together. 

Notice how you're feeling right now. 

Now, dedicate all your attention and intention to coming into complete presence with me for the next few minutes.  

Let’s have the experience that emerges when 100% of our attention is focused in the present moment.

Doing that translates into an incredible feeling — presence, aliveness, connection, peace, and freedom from fear. 

So take a deep breath in.

And out.

Settle into this moment with me by listening to life with 100% of your attention.

Invite all your attention to observe this moment, wherever you are. 

Notice your body pressing against whatever you're pressing against — a seat, the ground, a bed.

Feel every sensation.

Release any stories that are buzzing through your mind. 

Maybe 10% of your attention is distracted by the past or thinking about the future.

But right now, bring 100% of your attention right here by listening to the sounds of life.



Know that by returning your attention to the present moment, you're strengthening your ability to shift into presence anytime you choose throughout your day.

Notice how you feel right now again.

Just mark it for yourself.

Notice how life feels when you’re fully present. 


Let's set an intention to sink deeper into presence now. 

Can you feel your intention being set?

For 20 seconds or so, look around your environment slowly.

Notice details.

Move your visual field around your environment. 

Stop and study objects if they appeal to you. 




Keep looking.  

Study your environment.

You are deepening your presence.


Coming into presence allows you to focus your attention wherever you want to focus it next. 

So, let's shift our attention again.

Now that we're more present we can more easily notice that silent, tingling of our bodies.

Focus all your attention on any part of your body now. 

Start by squeezing your left thumb hard and then releasing it.

Then, feel all the blood rushing into your thumb.

Again, squeeze your thumb hard for a few seconds, and then release your thumb and feel the tingling. 

Can you feel it? 

Focus on that sensation — that silent buzzing of your body, the buzz of life. 

Notice it pulsating through your whole body at once. 

Feel life energy flowing through your body, producing your experience of life in this moment. 

Full presence in your body. 

Just settle in.

Let's do that for a little, short while together.

Close your eyes.

All your attention in your body. 

Feeling that buzzing, that tingling aliveness.



Keep feeling the buzzing of your body. 

Your life is flowing into form each moment. 

Can you notice a shift in how your mind and body feel compared to just a few minutes ago?

That's presence. 

Feel it.

The more you practice, the more contact you'll have with that creative peace that's buzzing through you all the time. 

It’s buzzing through you, into your life, as your life, each moment. 

Live presently.

Have an incredible day.


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