Shift Together

Shift Together

Starter Program Shift 4 of 4 (Podcast version)

Prologue —

Welcome to your final Starter Program Shift!

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Starter Shift 4 of 4: Shift Together follows below.

Today, we’ll navigate into our inner worlds and shift into a deepened connection to life — and to each other…

Hello friend.

Let’s take a deep breath.

Set an intention to notice the subtle shift that occurs in the moments after you change where you’re placing your attention.


Listen to life with 100% of your attention AS YOU NOTICE any inner world change that occurs in the following moments.


Notice the change.

Do you feel yourself shifting toward presence?

I feel it.

It's that easy to start a Shift.

It’s also quite easy to forget that staying connected to presence is a priority in your life.

That’s why shifting together is a big deal to me.

Having this ongoing conversation and relationship with you — speaking, listening, and exploring our inner worlds together — returns me to my priorities every day.

Thank you for being on this journey with me.

What a trip it’s been!

By completing these Starter Shifts, you’ve developed a solid base for strategically shifting your mind whenever you choose to.

You now know everything you need to shift your state anytime.

You can return to the Starter Shifts to remind yourself how and why shifting works so well.

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silhouette of tree under multicolored fireworks

Why don’t we step outside for our final Shift in the Starter Program on this Fourth of July weekend?

Can you hear the waves crashing?

For those of us in the United States, July 4th marks our annual rebirth — a celebration of what’s best in us collectively and what unifies us.

We are one.

Just as you are 30 trillion different cells — different pieces of one life, ever-adjusting and perfecting yourself — Americans are 330 million different pieces of one, ever-adjusting to perfect ourselves together.

However we feel at any moment, we each have the ability to shift our 30 trillion cells to produce the state of mind and body that we want to experience next.

Think about that.

By setting a clear intention, you instruct your army of 30 trillion buzzing miracles to organize — these warrior of you — to shift your life in any direction you choose.

Let’s experience that power.

Set the intention to remain aware of both your personal miraculousness and also your interconnection with everyone else.

Sync to that intention by shifting in honor of Independence Day.

Let’s Shift Together.

Close your eyes with me and feel that intention setting inside you.

Feel your intention to come into an awareness of both your oneness and our connection to each other.

Relax your shoulders.

Relax your whole body.

Take a deep breath.

Fully come into this moment.

Bring 100% of your attention here.

Being fully present.

Feeling your connection to life.

Listening to life works for bringing yourself into peace because presence is peace, and listening with 100% of your attention is presence.

When you know that, you also know that your baseline experience of life can be peace, anytime you choose it.

That's one of my favorite pieces of knowledge.

Let's come into awareness of ourselves as fully connected to each other now.

We’re going to connect through our shared environment by noticing the air we are breathing.

The air that enables the life that you're living.

Feel yourself merging into your environment.

You’re a buzzing piece of life’s puzzle.

We are not separate from life.

We're embedded in life.

Let’s listen to the waves.

Immerse into life.

Now, invite your connection to the people who are closest to you into your inner world feeling.

Feel the love you have for them.

Feel it?

Feel it growing.


Now, take that feeling of love and share it with everyone.

Project your love outward, in every direction.

Feel yourself sharing your love to all 330 million pieces of one America.

Feel the love building, flowing into and through you even more.

See yourself as energy building now, so bright.

Lighting up.

Let's connect together in that light.

Can you see it lighting your inner world?

Do you feel the light?

It reminds me of the silences between the explosions of fireworks — how it feels, how you release tension into the silence.

Those explosions of color and light drown out all the voices, ushering us into the perfect silence between the noise.

They viscerally remind us that we live inside a massive universe of mystery.

See your world as an explosion of light, streaming across the entire world now.

You are light streaming through space, merging with other lights.

See every light and color blending into one.


Breathe into Independence Day.





Open your eyes when you’re ready.

green and white i love you printed textile


You’ve completed the Shift Starter Program.

You now know how to strategically shift your state of mind, anytime.

It’s been an honor shifting with you.

Let’s keep it up together.

You're always welcome here.

We’ve come to an end — and a new beginning.

We’ll stay in touch through new Shifts every Thursday.

Perhaps we’ll meet on a live Shift someday too.

Let's make this a great year together — starting with a great Fourth of July.

My love to you and yours.

I'll talk to you soon.

Stay present.


P.S. Great job completing the Shift Starter Program!

Shift with me anytime.

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