Shift When You Don't Feel Like Shifting

Shift When You Don't Feel Like Shifting

You know when the best time to Shift is?

When you don't feel like it.

When you're in a place that you're not feeling like taking care of yourself as well as you could.

When you don't feel great, you often won't really want to do anything about it.

That's the moment that should be the trigger to do a Shift.

That's how I was feeling today — just now, actually.

So I’m heading out for a little walk to shift my mind and body with you.

Take a long, deep breath.

Set the very specific intention to bring yourself into the present moment — into presence — for the next few minutes.


Allow your whole body to relax.

Allow your shoulders to fall towards the ground.

Allow your arms to fall towards the ground.

If you're walking like I am, relax into each step.

Commit to enjoying the next few minutes of peace and presence.


Let's listen to life together now.

There's some ocean sounds in the background where I am.

If you listen closely you might hear it.

Let's go 20 seconds with 100% of our attention focused on listening to life.

As you listen, notice whether you shift a little bit.

Notice if you come into a deeper sense of presence.

Notice if whatever it was that was bringing you down before — whether it was the thoughts running through your mind, or just a little bit of tiredness — notice whether how you’re feeling shifts a little bit as you listen.

Let’s listen for another 20 seconds.

Just listening with 100% of your attention


Feel that?

Feel any different?

Feel a bit of a shift?

It always helps to take a few long, deep breaths and set the intention to be present for a little while.

You can allow yourself to be focused on any of your portals of presence anytime.

Let's feel the air on our skin together now, as we keep listening to life for 20 seconds more.

100% of your attention listening and feeling that air on your skin now.

Again, feel yourself shifting into presence.

It doesn't have to take much time or effort — especially when you're not doing great.

Just take a little dive into the present moment.

Especially if you're not doing great, you'll often quickly get a bit of a shift into a better place — if not a big shift.

If you start that way — by coming into presence.

Then, after you shift a bit, set an intention to focus on whatever you want to be focused on for the next hour or so.

What will you be doing to keep bringing yourself back into a good state of mind — a state of mind you want to be in?

What will make you feel engaged, motivated, or perhaps at peace with a nice quiet mind for the next hour?

Whatever is next for you today, bring it into your awareness and intend to engage with it fully — for the next hour or so.

Can you feel your intention to fully engage being set inside you?


Have a great rest of your day.

Stay present.

I'll talk to you soon.


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