Shift To Recharge Completely

Shift To Recharge Completely

Take a long deep breath.


Breathe life and remember...

The problem is usually just the feeling that you want something to be different than it is right now.

When that problem is eradicated, you are living in peace — at least for those moments post-eradication.

You're in presence then.

You're not being pulled into thoughts of something else.

You're here — with all your attention.

You’re at peace.

So let's come 100% into this moment together.

You can rid yourself of that feeling that you want something to be different.

Just say, ‘I'm coming 100% into the present moment.’

When any thoughts arise, commit to letting them go for a while.

Just notice the thoughts — and let them go.

Come back into the present moment.

Come into this space where you recharge completely by listening to life.

Just for a short while, get 100% in touch with your body in your environment — without any intermediating thought process that can stress you out.

Release your attention from focusing on any tasks for now.

Let go of doing — you're just fully in being now.



A few minutes a day does wonders for your energy.

Keeps the fuel burning clean.

So take all your attention, and let's focus for a minute more today.

We’ll do this one quickly.

Listen to the sounds in your environment.

I'm going to walk outside so we can hear the crashing waves.

Let’s just listen for a minute now.

If your attention gets distracted from listening with all your attention, reset your intention again — come back to listening with all your attention.

It’s a basic, powerful recharge practice.

Take another 30 seconds to listen now.

Since this Shift went so quickly, let's extend it.

Let's do another 30 seconds of just listening and being and feeling life together.

Recharge by placing all your attention in this moment.

Be fully in your body.

Be fully in your environment.

Feeling life.

Hearing sounds.

Feel the experience — the air on your skin.

Take your time.

Hear and feel that miracle.


Have an incredible day.


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