Shift with Albert Einstein

Shift with Albert Einstein

Hello there,

Albert Einstein showed us that the mass of objects bends the trajectory of light.

Now, you can try to wrap your mind around what that means.

But if you do, you may well miss what Einstein really told us when he gave light to unseen laws of nature.

Take a long, deep breath.

Allow your shoulders and neck to relax.

Your arms to fall toward the ground.

What Albert really told us, is that what you see is a distorted truth.

That fundamental truth and lesson is at once the most important to understand on your path to peace each moment — and meanwhile, it's the most difficult to continually not forget.

After all, your eyes and your ears and your other senses, they're constantly at odds with this broader truth.

Your senses present and argue for a different truth.

And that's a big part of what makes it such a challenge to remain in awareness of life's deep truths moment to moment.

This is the challenge we rise to when we meditate — or shift.

Most people that I've worked with, who make a consistent commitment to meditate, experience a couple things.

Number one, the consistent commitment pays dividends by providing structure to your day — by reminding you of your intention to value what's really important to you in life.

And number two, repetition of practice — when you do it properly — has the effect of changing your brain to improve your capacity to put your attention where you want to — and, when you want to.

And that actually leads to number three...

Being able to put your attention where you want to when you want to enables you to strategically reduce your experience of stress — anytime stresses and distractions come into your life.

That enables you to move consistently toward the results you want.

Now, it's not easy building consistency of meditating into your life.

But it does bring enormous rewards, especially over time.

Once you put some intentional and strategic practice hours behind you, after a while the floodgates to freedom open a bit.

And then they open more and more as you progress.

And peace, joy, love — they all begin to flow much more unresisted through you.

And you begin to connect to others more deeply — to be more open to others.

And to enjoy this brief time we have together here, alive.

That's why I meditate.

And it keeps getting better.

Let's focus on the breath for a little while together.

Breathe in.

And out.

Just noticing the in-breath.

And the out-breath.

All your attention focused on your breath, for the next minute.

All the sensations.

Returning your attention to your breath, over and over.



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