Shift With A Favorite Meditation

Shift With A Favorite Meditation

Here's one of my favorite meditations.

Let's begin by taking a deep breath in.

And out.

Come into the present moment — even more fully than you are now.

Invite all your attention in.

Feel your attention coming into your body.

Feeling yourself aligned with the space you're sitting.

Notice your body pressing against whatever you're pressing against — a seat, the ground, a bed.


Release all the stories in your mind for a little while.

Just focus here, listening.



And know that by meditating, you're strengthening your ability to do this in real time throughout your day — throughout your life.

And that allows you to focus your attention wherever you want to focus it throughout your days.

So again, bringing your attention back to feeling your body now.

Can you notice the tingling in your body?

Notice either your whole body or part of your body.

You can squeeze your thumb, and then release it, and notice all the blood rushing in.

You can pick up that sensation as a way of noticing a feeling in your body, if that helps.

It's a good way to engage with your tingling body — the life energy flowing through your body.

Then you can notice your whole hand from there.

So put your attention into your hand.

Just notice it for a while.

Can you capture the feeling of your whole arm now buzzing with aliveness?

Feel it tingling.


Feel that presence and stay with it.

If you want to, bring your attention out to your entire body at once.

Notice your entire body tingling now.

Relax into your body.

Noticing it.

Just being here with me.

Take a deep breath.

Let's sit in silence for a while.


Have a great day.


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