Shift Emotional Development

Shift Emotional Development

Hello, friend.

Take a long deep breath.

Come into the present moment.

Listen to life with all your attention.

100% of your attention.

It's beautiful today.

What a cool thing to do during the course of your day — turn your mind toward taking a deeper look at whether you're in the space you want to be in right now.


Let's take another deep breath.

Intend to be 100% here right now.

Spend just a moment with all our attention in silence.


Completely listening.


I've been thinking about the definition of emotional progress.

It's an interesting one.

You can answer it from a lot of different perspectives, right?

What do you think of the idea of your emotional progress relating to your repetition of particular stories in your head?

In other words, when you have less repetition of a story in order to move back into peace than you used to have, that's emotional progress — because you're not being repetitively distracted by an old conditioned story as much.

You're more free, to be present.

To live in the present moment.

That idea holds nicely for whether you're really engaged deeply in something — maybe you're on a project at work that you're interested in so you've decided, ‘This is how I want to spend my time for now.’ — and so you're able to be completely in it, when you're in it.

Or, on the other hand, it also applies when you're at leisure completely and you are able to just enjoy being quiet, being still.

Having a loving mind.

Alternatively, you’re repeating old stories — churning them in your mind.

As you reduce that repeating activity, you reduce the resistance in your life — the resistance inside your inner world.

That psychological resistance that adds a touch of stress to everything you're doing.

Or perhaps, you’re adding more than a touch of stress, depending on the circumstance.

If you can remove some of that experience from your days, you're making emotional progress, I would say.

Removing inner noise ushers in inner peace.

Inner silence can connect you to a sense of purpose that flows out of the silence when you listen to it deeply, without distraction…

green leafed tree surrounded by fog during daytime

Let’s get deep into silence and listen, for 30 seconds.

Feel that?


When you really are undisturbed by cycles of thought — concerns or thoughts about the past, or thoughts or fears about the future — you can let it all go, as much as possible for a while.

When you're quiet enough you become present.

And you can feel for that next step in your life.

You can feel life flowing through you.

And if you don't resist it — if you listen — you hear it, and you feel it.

Then you can walk it.

You can walk the pace of your miracle, as I like to call it.

So the removal, or reduction, of cycling thoughts and concerns — at least the ones that are interfering with your connection to presence, and purpose — that is emotional progress.

What do you think of that?

Let's come into presence for 30 more seconds together.

And see how that feels before we say goodbye for now.

All right, 100% of your attention again right here.

Just listening with me.

Eyes open or closed.

What's flowing through you?

person holding white ceramic cup with hot coffee


That's perfect.

Stay present.

Have a great day.


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